Prepare Yourself Britain, Spencer Pratt Is Moving To The UK

Spencer Pratt has always kept his bonkers life safely across the pond in the US where us Brits can read about it in magazines and on re-runs of The Hills, but now it looks as though he’s planning to bring his antics to our shores, and we’re not sure if we like it.

Spencer Pratt – the man with the most apt name in reality TV – made a ‘name’ for himself after acting like a total idiot on the US show The Hills, but in recent months I’ve been wondering if a lot of the show has been cut and scripted to portray Spencer in such a negative light?

The Hills resident fame seeker Spencer Pratt comes out to the street to bring his new found spirituality out to photographers in Los Angeles, CA on February 19, 2010, Pratt apparently explained the benefits of chanting, crystals and rambled virtually incoherently, has the stress of Heidi Montag cracked Spencer? Fame Pictures, Inc

His Twitter yesterday read “Plans are underway for me to move to England for my new BRITISH RADIO SHOW – “TOTAL IRREVERENCE – EVERYTHING PRATTISH” and now I cant decide whether I’m excited or angry.

There’s no denying Spencer has made a name for himself out of being, well, a prat, but could his move to the UK show him in a more positive light or will he just start acting up in all the London clubs and Tweeting aobut how important his life is? Hey, I’ve got an idea, maybe he could team up with an ex BB10 housemate and pretend to be all popular?

Ruth. x

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