Thank God For That… Chanelle Dumps Jack Tweed

Chanelle might not be much of a lady (after telling everyone she wouldn’t be having sex whilst pregnant – like we need to know what?!) but she obviously does have a brain in her head after ditching dead weight Jack Tweed.

Chanelle shacked up with Jack in the hope of snatching a few headlines after the tabloids went quiet on her, but it looks like she’s finally had enough of Jade Goody’s ex and kicked him to the kerb.

LONDON - NOVEMBER 20:  Big Brother contestant Chanelle Hayes attends a photocall to launch her new fragrance 'Mwah' at Embassy on November 20, 2007 in London, England,  (Photo by Rosie Greenway/Getty Images)

Apparently the heavily pregnant Big Brother wannabe wanted Jack to stop partying and be there for her and another man’s baby, but he’s not being lumbered with that again and just kept throwing shapes anyway.

Nevermind eh Chanelle, we never thought we’d say this, but you can actually do miles better and I’m sure there’s loads of Z-listers after a date.


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