Justin Bieber Tricked Into North Korea Tour

Uh-Oh, Justin Bieber proved that he was a bit young for all this famous business after falling foul of an internet joke.

The little pop star opened a public vote on his My World Tour page and asked users which country he should tour next, with no restrictions on the nations that could be voted on.

You Want Me To Go WHERE?

Unfortunately for him, this spurred users of imageboard website 4Chan to nominate North Korea, with the vote now turning viral and with almost half a million votes, it looks like the kiddie better start packing for his journey to the secretive communist nation.

The contest, which ends at 1800 on 7 July, saw North Korea move from 24th to 1st place in less than two days, several thousand votes ahead of Israel, but given that almost all citizens of North Korea are denied internet access and there are restrictive controls over all media, it is unlikely that any of the votes have actually come from within the country.


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