Kanye West Is Single. Unsurprising Considering He Acts Like A Caveman

To be honest, I’m surprised Amber Rose stuck with Kanye West for so long because he seems like a little bit of a nightmare, but for now it looks as though she’s kicked him to the kerb.

Remember This Debacle?

Whilst Amber is desperately trying to be seen as a ‘quirky’ model it seems that she needs some space from her gobby ex whilst he works on his next album in Hawaii because apparently he “can’t handle” a relationship when he’s in creative mode.

Thankfully Amber showed Kanye that he isn’t God personified, and went and smooched Kim Kardashian’s ex Reggie Bush over the weekend – and why not?

Does anyone else wish Kanye West would just go and open a saloon bar and keep quiet from now on?

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