Dappy From N-Dubz Is Slagging Off The X Factor Now. Yawn

Dappy from N Dubz really does feel like he has to make up for his lack of real talent by slagging off other people who want to have a shot at the music industry, and this time it’s the X Factor constants in his sights. Again.

Don't We All Wish We Could Be A Cool As Dappy?

The gobby gangsta reckons that X Factor contestants have “cheated” to get where they are, and according to his ‘flawless’ theory, Olly Murs, Diana Vickers and Alexandra Burke have it too easy – and are getting fame too fast.

He said; “You’re standing in a queue to do an audition and the minute you come out of the queue you’re a star – and it’s cheating!” well it’s only cheating to you Dappy, the problem is, if you’re good enough it’s a great platform to showcase your talents.

Whilst I agree that it’s hard for bands who work hard for years to get the recognition they deserve, that’s not to say the contestants don’t deserve it either, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition.
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What’s wrong Dappy, worried Olly and his hats are going to blow you out of the water? Ba ba byeeeeeeee!

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