Did You Know Travie McCoy’s New Single Is About A Big Brother Washout?

Travie McCoy – or Travis McCoy as you might call him if you’re not down with the kids quite yet – has just release the video for his new single ‘Billionaire’ over here in the UK, and I love it so much that I’m at risk of getting sacked for singing it so loud in the middle of the office.

I mean, there’s nothing that screams summer quite like a happy reggae track that makes you want to drink Malibu and do a spot of belly dancing, especially when this US megastar and former footman writes an epic track about a washed up reality show contestant.

Obviously we’re joking about the last bit, but I have to credit Big Brother dropout Kenneth Tong for bringing this track to my attention (so yes, he does have a relevance on this Earth) as he boasted on twitter that Travis (despite it being Travie these days) actually penned this track for him and his over-inflated ego.

The actual Tweet read: “Thanks Travis McCoy for Writing a Song for Me and Breaking the Top 40 in America with it” which is designed to imply that Travis met Kenneth and was SO inspired by him, that he wrote a song just for him. How sweet?

Unfortunately for Kenneth, we’re good friends with his ex Karly Ashworth and have it on good authority that he isn’t a billionaire, nor is he likely to be one any time soon. Well in English currency anyway but you never know, he could have found himself a great exchange rate down his local travel agents.

Besides, if good old Travie HAD written a single for a bloke who uses his glamour model ex’s Twitter to make himself feel popular then surely he would know that its Travie now, with an ‘ie’? Oh, and he would have most certainly shared his ‘big news’ earlier as the track has been out in the US since May.

I can kinda see the whole idea behind Kenny’s tweet, yes he wants to be a millionaire, yes he wants to hang out with famous people, but why can’t you just be happy to admit you were on a TV show, you had your five minutes of fame, now it’s time to go back to the 9-5 and stop bragging about your own self-importance.

KarlyAndKenneth on Twitter. Well, except that’s just a Karly lookalike.

It’s a shame really, as we really loved the old boy when he was on BB and he was ever so nice to us when he left the show, but using his ex girlfriends twitter page to try and gain publicity is, well, just a little bit sad. I know when I split with my ex, I wouldn’t want to keep acting as though we were together, it’s all a bit alien to me. I mean if the public really love you THAT much ,they’ll surely follow your new account too? Come on Ken, get yourself some dignity.

Oh and just one final point, this new face of M&S? can’t find any news of her new position anywhere. Odd.

Rant over.

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