Hitler Comes Back To Paris

Paris Hilton might be the leader of the blonde airhead party, but it seems that she’s taken dummy to another level after posing as hell raiser Adolf Hitler.

Wow, so yesterday we had Michael Jackson and his love of Nazi documentaries, and now we’re confronted with photos of her on a night out in Saint Tropez wearing a red military hat, giving what looks like fascist salute with one hand while signalling a Hitler moustache with the other.


Obviously her publicist is going to be pulling what’s left of their hair right out this morning, but they’re still denying that she was doing anything racist, but was instead “having fun with her arm up in the air”.

Okay, so she’s dressed in a military uniform and it just so happens that “she always dances like that”. Of course she does, shame I’ve never seen it on Paris Hiltons BFF.

Originally written for FemaleFirst.co.uk

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