Jacko’s ‘People’ Cash In On His Death. Again.

Michael Jackson – who you might remember as the entertainer who actually died last year – seems to have risen from the grave to record a brand new album.

Obviously that’s not humanly possible and is just me being a little sarcastic on a Monday morning, but it is true that his ‘people’ are looking to cash in (even more) on his death by releasing a new album.

Cool Shades Jacko...

The music will be a mix of unreleased stuff that’s been spit polished and presented as “new”, that’s fair enough right? But the really weird thing is that the album is going to feature posthumous “collaborations” with contemporary artists like Ne-Yo, Akon and Will.i.am.

If this all sounds a bit bonkers to you, then you’d better sit down for this next bit, as Jacko’s estate even had the bottle to sign a ten-album deal in March this year… NINE MONTHS after he died!

What do you think of all this?

Originally written for FemaleFirst.co.uk

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