Katie Price Offends Anyone Bigger Than A Size 12. Moron.

Katie Price has managed to insult every overweight woman on the planet once again by confessing that she’s like “an ugly fat woman” in the sack because she really tries to please.

Bleating on during her promotional tour for her latest release, Katie shared what we didn’t really need to know; “I’m worse than an animal. I’m an extremist in bed.” Before explaining more about her style between the sheets: “If you act up to their ideas then you’re fine.

“You can say I’m like an ugly fat woman, cos they’re the ones they say really try. I’m like one of them, I make an effort. I’m not just a lay on your back, open your legs, look at the time. I actually work it.”

Well Katie, if you reckon ‘skinny, pretty girls’ can keep a man by just laying there like a piece of old plywood then you REALLY need to be whipping out your Karma Sutra.

  1. Would not go near her with a barge pole, so to speak.

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