OMG! True Blood Are NAKED

I don’t really watch True Blood or that other vampire programme that started because Twilight did so well at the cinema, but one thing I am appreciating this afternoon is this picture of the cast completely starkers.

Obviously they really cashed in on the fake blood and looking scary, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård stripped off all their clothes and look rather raunchy for this new Rolling Stone cover.

Well hello vampires....

According to my friends, True Blood is one of the sexiest, darkest and erotic programmes on telly at the moment and I should be trying to find a dvd boxset to borrow for a catch up we’ve ever seen, so if you have one, send it my way, I promise to return it.

Stephen Moyer has a very interesting theory about why vampires are so sexy; “If we go from a base level, vampires create a hole in the neck where there wasn’t one before. It’s a de-virginization…creating blood and then drinking the virginal blood. And there’s something sharp, the fang, which is probing and penetrating and moving into it. So that’s pretty sexy.” Wow… I think I’m a bit in love…


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