N-Dubz Launching Fashion Line Called Nanawear. LOL.

Yippee, N-Dubz fans will soon be able to dress just like their idols, because for some reason, the British rap trio is launching a fashion range.

Could there actually be anything more daunting than walking into a shop (other than JJB) and seeing various different colours of tracksuit bottoms / sweatpants / oversized t-shirts and hats? Well, okay, there quite possibly could, but N-Dubz : The Clothes Line does leave me feeling rather puzzled.

37731, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Monday February 15 2010. Tulisa from NDubz inadvertently shows off her underwear as she leaves the Bunglaow 8 club in London. The popular club was hosting a pre-Brits (British music awards) party. Photograph: Ringo, PacificCoastNews.com

The male members of the band – Fazer and Dappy – will release t-shirts, trousers and accessories through their line, Nanawear, while Tulisa will work on a womenswear label called TFB.

Fazer has said; “Everybody who knows us can tell we like to look a certain way. These are going to be well tailored though, they aren’t going to be cheap looking. Everyone always talks about Tulisa’s style too. She’ll buy a dress for £15, then when she wears it on the red carpet, everyone thinks it’s designer.”

I mean ‘Nanawear’ seriously? Is that clothes for Nana’s then? And sorry Fazer, but I never though Tulisa wore designer, I thought she was more a ‘high street looker.’ Sorry, we’re being mean now aren’t we?

Will YOU be investing?


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