Are You Gay? Want Lady GaGa To Marry You? Ta Daaa… It’s Possible

Lady GaGa  has already managed to anger the Westboro Baptist Church, but it looks as though she could be pi*sing off the deep-south religious types no end after becoming ordained to marry gay couples.

To be honest, this latest stunt seems on a par with when Joey from Friends decided to marry Monica and Chandler, but the GaGa one has taken an online course and she plans to marry loved up couples at her concerts.

Yes, you did read that correctly…. So obviously there will be hundreds of thousands of folk wanting to get hitched by  her craziness, and you can bet they’ll have their mugs splashed across the world tabloids for a few days as well (perhaps even get a reality show).

Lets just hope Rev. GaGa doesn’t dress up in a rubber nuns outfit for the ceremony…

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