So, Taio Cruz Releases A Greatest Hits… Can Anyone Name Five Taio Tracks?

First we had Will Young and Lemar with their comedic Greatest Hits releases, and now we’ve got poor old Taio Cruz having at go at releasing one. Don’t get me wrong, Taio is a lovely bloke, but we think a Greatest Hits might be a little bit ambitious for the little lad.

Fair enough his current US single Dynamite has shifted 1.5 million units across the pond AND his debut US single “Break Your Heart” has gone to sell over 5 million worldwide, but can any of you actually name more than five TC songs?

Not only that, but the CD only has 15 songs on there, one which is on TWICE… come on Taio, who are you trying to kid?

The Rokstarr Collection : Taio Cruz Greatest Hits

1.  Dynamite
2.  Break Your Heart (UK Version)
3.  Dirty Picture (f/Kesha)
4. Take Me Back (new version w/o Tinchy)
5. Come On Girl (f/Luciana)
6. Forever Love
7. Like a Star
8. I Just Wanna Know
9. I’ll Never Love Again
10. Falling in Love
11. I Can Be
12. Higher
13. Moving On
14. Feel Again
15. Break Your Heart (f/Ludacris) (Bonus Track)

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