Oi, Newspapers And Stuff Like That; Chloe Victoria Is Not A Prostitute

Chloe Victoria, who has obviously changed her name from the rather more ‘street’ Chloe Mafia has denied reports that she is secretly a prostitute despite the fact that she was filmed stripping off for cash.

The permatanned lady – who seems to sound brilliant without a backing track but absolutely horrific with one – is saying that he is not, nor ever had been an escort, saying; “X Factor rang me one night and said ‘Is there any truth in the story?’ and I said ‘no’. And they said, ‘Well don’t worry, because if there’s no truth in it, it won’t come out’. So I forgot about it,”

Before going on to say; “We’re in this thing called P2P girls, which is ‘Paid to Party’. We get paid to go to different events and do different things.” and according to Chloe these “different things” do not include having intercourse with men for money. “X Factor just ruined my reputation but it hasn’t ruined my life. But then again it’s not X Factor that’s done it, it’s newspapers and stuff like that.”

Boo, newspapers and stuff like that, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Tee Hee.

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