Nicole Sherzinger : Singer / Dancer / Bunny Boiler

Remember when Lewis Hamilton dumped Nicole Sherzinger a while back? We all secretly thought it was because she was trying to get him to marry her, and now it looks as thought she’s at it again.

The 32 year old has been dating Lewis Hamilton for two years now, but she is keen to get a rock on her finger and have Lewis put a bun in her oven, and she has been rambling on to anyone who will listen about it all.

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger seemed to be in good spirits as she left a Dancing With The Stars rehearsal in Los Angeles, CA on March 24, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

“I’m really traditional – I’d want to be married before we have kids and that’s something we’ll hopefully be doing soon,” she said. “I love kids and I’m feeling broody. Lewis is always telling me that I’d be a really good mum and I know he’d be a great dad.”

Forgive me for being a bit harsh, but isn’t this the behaviour of someone who either wants to scare their man into dumping them OR just completely freaky bunny boiler antics.


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