One Little Joke About Mass Murder & Dermot O’Leary Faces Twitter War

Poor Dermot O’Leary. One off the cuff remark about mass murder being like Simon Cowell having to choose between two of his acts in the X Factor Results show and he’s facing the wrath of the Twittersphere.

Dermot found himself in hot water after making light of the fact that SiCo had to choose between two of his own acts – Belle Amie or Diva Fever – during Sunday night’s show.

The cute little presenter said to Simon something along the lines of; “So Simon: bit of a Sophie’s Choice for you tonight.” Which resulted in immediate Twitter backlash. “Why?” I hear you ask?

Well, Sophie’s Choice refers to the William Styron novel of the same name in which the title character Sophie carries with her the heavy burden that on the night she arrived at Auschwitz during WWII, a sadistic doctor made her choose which of her two children would die immediately by gassing, and which one would live on in the concentration camp. An impossible choice, naturally, and a bad choice of reference by Dermot.

Fair enough, it was a bad choice of words, but come on Brits, don’t get your knickers in a twist, it was only a comparison… like Dermot pointed out (through gritted Tweet) “Hey, thanks for the tweets re: Sophie’s Choice. Obviously no offence intended, just an off hand reference to a film, not a serious comparison.”

Yet, the Twitter backlash still continues, and we wonder if he’ll be forced to apologise on telly this weekend. What do YOU think of it all, should Dermot be told off, or was it just a simple blunder?

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