Thanks Mum. Now I’m Addicted To The Event.

Quite why my mum didn’t think I’d be out getting hammered and tottering around town in ridiculous heels like 23 year olds do on a Friday night is beyond me, but at about half 7 last Friday good old Moma Harrison rang me to tell me I had to watch The Event.

To be honest, I was a little dubious about the show – considering the critics were calling it ‘the new Lost’ and I hated Lost – but I thought I’d give it a go anyway, after all, I only had a bottle of Merlot and the dog for company.

I’m kinda glad I did though, because I thought it was pretty ace. I’ve never been a fan of TV shows that bring in aliens (just like I thought walking and talking trees ruined Lord Of The Rings) because I hate not being able to actually believe in the plot of the story… because Jack Bauer is SO believable, obviously.

Did anyone else watch it? Have you got any ideas as to what on Earth could be going on yet? And does anyone else find it slightly annoying that we keep seeing the same bits over and over again?


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