There’s Nothing Worse Than A Woman Scorned….

Tut, tut, Jack Tweed, one woman not enough for you these days?

The wannabe playboy clearly has a few unresolved issues with Chanelle (of Big Brother ‘fame) after her head exploded after seeing him hanging out with another woman in the tabloids. But it begs the question, why do men do it? Why, when they have a seemingly good thing, do they always want to see what other delights are on offer? They just can’t help themselves when it comes to women, they like to see how far they can push us.

Unfortunately for Jack though, Chanelle has had enough of his scummy ways.

After being confronted with pictures of Jade goody’s ex leaving a club with another glamour model in tow – The glamour model in question being Daisy Watts, apparently Jack Tweed’s cousin – she took to Twitter;

“Since when has Daisy watts been cousins with Jack tweed? So funny they leave alto holding hands and he STILL lies his arse off!! Woww!!”

“Oh I love u chan, I wanna marry u chan, I wanna be blakelys daddy chan. I’ve officially had enough of u Jack. Do one!”

“Stop calling me, stop texting me, stop lying to my face!! I’m done with u, ur lies, and ur obvious inability to keep ur penis in ur pants.”

“I have my baby and my life is full of love. Yours is full of sl*gs, alcohol, fights and trouble…u must be so proud.”

“I have finally realised I am far too good for u. J”

“And if u even try to come visit me on my birthday like u keep saying ur going to then I’ll have u arrested for harrassment and trespassing.”

“Byeeeee loserrrrrrrrrr”


  1. I love keeping up with your articles. It absolutely
    adds something to the day.

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