Oh Chuffing Hell, Chanelle Hayes’ Kicked Off On Twitter, Again

Big Brother reject-cum ‘glamour model,’ Chanelle Hayes has gone off her trolley once again and had a rant at Jack tweed via Twitter once again!

Despite most grown ups opting to keep their private lives, well, private, Chanelle has been desperately vying for some column inches by having a pop at Jade Goody’s ex on Twitter after he declared himself as single.

The tweets with dates on them are alleged text messages that Jack sent her.

chanellejhayes: Jack : “I’m single” ok, here’s what I think to that……..

chanellejhayes: All u need to no is I love u and I want u to move down here with me (17th oct)

chanellejhayes: I aint sleeping with anyone babe I love u (20th oct)

chanellejhayes: I want to be with u more then anything in the world so I will change for u I promise. (26th oct)

chanellejhayes: I need u in my life just give me one more chance. I wana be a dad and make blakely my son. I love you x (26th oct)

chanellejhayes: I can’t wait to marry u I love u so much x (28th oct)

chanellejhayes: Draw a tatto on urself of j.t tonight x (30th oct)

chanellejhayes: don’t cheat tonight (30th oct)

chanellejhayes: I never shagged her and never will every1 important to me nos were together (9th nov)

chanellejhayes: I never left with anyone last night I got a cab home with my mate and his gf. Happy birthday I wish I could be there x (11th nov)

chanellejhayes: @jacktweed_real you are the biggest liar and nastiest piece of work I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. U wanna tell lies about me?

chanellejhayes: @jacktweed_real … Then at least make sure I can’t prove they’re lies. Dumb AND crap in bed… Gutted.

chanellejhayes: I’d rather be passionate and wear my heart on my sleeve than downright lie my skinny stingy arse off. Sucks to be @jacktweed_real

To which Jack simply replied; JackTweed_Real: Definitely staying single!


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