Live Review : Asking Alexandria @ Manchester Club Academy

With Support From The Amity Affliction & Miss May I

Planning has never been a strong point of mine, I like to think I’m organised, and I like to have a plan, but putting it into action always seems to be my downfall… and last night was a prime example of this.

I knew that the Club Academy doors were opening early and that The Amity Affliction would be hitting the stage around half seven. I also knew that Kings Of Leon were playing at the MEN Arena AND Manchester United had a home game, so technically I should have doubled my travel-time… I didn’t I got distracted by this new Soap & Glory shampoo and conditioner and spent far too long messing about with my hair…

When I eventually got off the M62 and arrived at the Club Academy, TAA were already leaping about the stage screaming their little Australian heads off… and the kids seemed to love it, so much so that the room already had an air of sweat and emo-tosterone buzzing about it.


The Amity Affliction By Ian Taylor

Despite having an average age of about 17, the crowd were just as enthusiastic about the Aussie openers as you’d expect for any headline act, and I’m sure Ahren and friends were really pleased about that, considering they’d travelled halfway across the world to be here in Manchester and need to make sure they get their new album, Youngbloods, flying off the shelves in January.

After taking time off to sit down and drink and pint of cider (classy) my other half and I battled through the sea of kiddies to try and get a good view of Miss May I – a metalcore band from Troy, Ohio – who were surprisingly impressive considering I’d never even heard of them – perhaps Asking Alexandria liked their cover of “Run This Town” which featured alongside them on Punk Goes Pop 3, I don’t know, but if you’re heading to any of the shows left on this tour, I’d stick around to watch them and have your toilet & fag break before AA come on.

By half 9 the anticipation (and moisture) in the room had reached fever pitch, and scores of teenage girls – who should have really been at home doing their schoolwork – started elbowing their way to the front so that they could have a good old gawp at Danny Worsnop and co and hopefully get a date.


Miss May I By Ian Taylor

I tried to focus on the band, but I kept getting distracted by guys dressed in Jeggings and vests (since when did that become fashionable) and girls wandering about in their bra and knickers. I felt like I there would be police waiting for us ‘adults’ when we left the venue after we spent a night in a dark room with a load of half-naked kiddies. Well, until Danny opened his mouth and started saying stuff like; “Five Jack Daniels and a blow job and we’ll play another song.” Classic.

I know it’s supposed to be ‘rock and roll’ to drink JD and have hoards of women falling at your feet, but when those females are young girls who don’t even buy their own clothes yet, we seem to have a problem… Don’t let that deter you from the sound though, their set was tight (no pun intended) and the guys really impressed the old fogies in the room as well as the kids who made such a ruckus that the photographers were removed from the photopit for their own safety.

Wow, you know you’re doing well if it’s not safe to be at the front with a wide angled lens – although there was a lot of talk about the boys getting naked, so I’m sure had that happened, we would have had mass hysteria break out.

Whilst I couldn’t actually make out a word they were saying and wondered if I’d look like a crazy grandma if I stared running around without my dress on (although my magic pants might have ruined that ‘look’) you’ve got to respect what they’re doing… following in the footsteps of their fellow Yorkshiremen Bring Me The Horizon, the guys know how to walk, talk and sing they way to success, and there are certainly a bucketload of young girls willing to give them a helping hand…

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