Enrique…. Tonight I’m F*cking You

Crikey, Enrique’s gone a bit raunchy with his new music video. So raunchy in fact that we REALLY don’t recommend you watching it at work. Unless of course you work somewhere that likes you to bring dirtyness into the workplace. And no, a farm doesn’t count.

So, he’s always been a little bit rude, but never as rude as this soft porn music video he’s unveiled for the aptly named Tonight (I’m F**king You) which features near naked strippers, bare boobs and group sex scenes.

Basically there is a lot of sex and naughtiness going on and it makes us wonder why our lives can’t be this interesting… I’ve got to admit though, the kid singing in the middle is a teeny bit weird, I mean come on, who wants a kids voice ruining their flow mid-porn flick eh?

But what do YOU think readers… is Enrique a little bit too naughty this time, or is this just what the music industry has become nowadays, either way, we’ll be interested to see how the video is edited for music TV.


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