FFS. Lady GaGa’s Got Her Ass Out….

Lady GaGa Tweeted a picture of her bare bum on New Year’s Day. Big Wow. If it was someone refined like Gwyneth Paltrow or the Queen, we might be bothered, but Lady GaGa, well, it’s pretty much standard practice.

Anyway, everyone in Twitterland went a bit mental because she was going on about her new album, Born This Way, so when they saw this racy shot, everyone assumed it was the cover art for the new album…. A kind of 2011 take on the Bruce Springsteen cover of his ass back in the day.

Rumour has it though, that this isn’t actually the artwork (personally I wouldn’t like this staring sat me every time I walked in HMV) but I am still rather giddy to see what she will come up with in a bid to outsell The Fame.

But GaG’s…. enough ass already. Why not get some class and stop being so dramatic all the time?

Ruth x

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