Justin Bieber Understands His Fans. Brilliant.

Justin Bieber. Wow. One can only wish to emulate some of his wisdom one day. Apparently the Bieb totally understands why fans want to know so much about him and his life.

He told E! Online, “I do get it. My fans are really supportive and amazing and I understand where they’re coming from.”

Right, so he gets why they want to know everything about him? Yeah, because they are OBSESSED and think that the more they know about the Bieb, the more chance they have of marrying him. Obviously. I mean, come on, that’s what I did with Stephen Gately, and look how that ended up….

To quote Heatworld; “Justin is starting to sound like the sort of person who wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says ‘You, you are beautiful, don’t ever forget that.’”


FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

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