Katie Waissel Hasn’t Heard From Cheryl Since The X Factor. Surprised?

Katie Waissel makes me laugh…. Apparently she’s dead shocked that she hasn’t heard from her X Factor mentor, Cheryl Cole, in the two months since the show ended.

No offence Katie love, but no one (except me) really liked you on that show, and Cheryl is a little busy negotiating a £10million US X Factor deal, playing 250,000 gigs and even having secret meetings with that love rat ex, not to mention buying a new house and swanning off to exciting places with that Derek Hough fellow.

Katie moaned to Star Magazine; ‘Cheryl is an artist herself, she had her Christmas break and I don’t expect anything from her.’ before going on about her prostitute Grandma; ‘It was such a shock! I mean come on, it doesn’t get worse than that! You couldn’t even write that.’

Bless her though, she did say; ‘I don’t know why I was so widely hated. The end of the day it’s a TV show – it’s entertainment. The public hated me because they were told to. The power of editing is beautiful.’

Yes Katie. You’re right.

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

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