The Brit Awards : What’s With All The Riot Police?

Okay, so what on earth was going on with Plan B and Take That’s performances… for some reason, they both decided to adopt riot police within their sets… which says two things to me;

1) They probably should have consulted with each other before both offering pretty much the same performance.

2) Is that how we – the British people – are best represented? By riot police carrying shields / truncheons and beating people up?

Take That were obviously opening the show and looked great with all their police milling about for ‘dramatic effect’. Not quite sure why they all had to take their clothes off at the end though.

Obviously when Plan B came out and did the same thing, I’m imagining a lot of people were thinking the same as me; “Haven’t I just seen this before?” it was okay though, because Plan B pulled out all the stops to make his set better… by smearing having an outfit change, singing more than one song, smearing a bit of blood on his hands and setting a man on fire who when ran down the middle of the arena.

Now, was it just me or did anyone else wonder (for a second) if he was actually ‘on fire, on fire’ or if he was part of the act? Conveniently though there were two fire extinguishers on had, much to the disappointment of the audience.

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

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