OMFG : Justin Bieber Is Going To The Playboy Mansion

There’s nothing weirder than imagining Justin Bieber surrounded by a load of twenty-something ladies swanning about in their underwear… unless you add into the equation that JB is going to be enjoying this delight, with his dad.

Despite only being sixteen and having full access to that sparkly girlfriend of his, Selina Gomez, Justin is clearly fed up of all the little girls that try to show him a good time every day and has decided he steps up his game, courtesy of good old Hugh Hefner.

This Is The Only Bunny Justin Should Be Hanging With…

Piers Morgan broke the news on Twitter after interviewing Hugh; “BREAKING NEWS: [Hugh Hefner] just revealed that Justin Bieber has asked if he can come to Playboy mansion. With his dad.” before confirming that HH had agreed to the visit.

Now girl fans of Bieber… I know its rubbish when the man you love would rather go and look at some scantily-clad women, but let’s face it, you were never going to end up with him anyway, so go at swoon over that boy in your maths class…

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