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Katie Price : Publicity Seeking Missile

Just when you thought Katie Price couldn’t BE any more desperate for a headline, she decided to post a photo of her snogging her new fella on Twitter. That’s right, did you hear that Alex Reid & Peter Andre.

Proving that she’s oh-so-serious about her new man-toy Leandro Penna, KP decided to get one of her mates to take a photo of them snogging each other’s face off in a snap that looks like a rejected cover for the Brokeback Mountain special edition.

Other nauseating snaps included Jordan and Leo recreating the famous Dirty Dancing lift in the sunset & them riding about on horses, as well as a Twitter “Thank You” to Elton John and David Furnish for throwing the bash where the pair met: “We are so compatible we can’t thank Elton John and David Furnish enough.”



Katie Price : Pete’s In Love With Me & I Still Have Sex With Alex. Brilliant

Is Katie Price completely off her rocker? I mean, seriously, I don’t get what planet she’s actually living on there days. Planet arrogant? Planet delusional? Or Planet publicity?

Anyway, wherever she is, it hasn’t stopped her mouthing off about Peter Andre during her trip to LA (yes she’s going to the Oscars, God only knows how), and after a night on the booze she yelped; “[He’s] probably still in f***ing love.” Yes, he probably is, that must be why he divorced you Katie.

Then she started barking on about Alex, this time saying; “he still comes to the house but we’re not together. Can anyone here tell me they’ve never f***** an ex?”

Well Katie, no, we can’t tell you that, but we don’t go broadcasting our sex lives to the local tabloids do we? I mean, no offence, but it is a bit trashy.


Alex Reid Takes Off The Wedding Ring. It’s All Over.

Did anyone else secretly hope that Katie Price and Alex Reid would get back together? I mean, as orange as they were, they did make quite a sweet couple – although having to use their collective brain power might have been a bit difficult…

Anyway, Alex has now taken off his wedding ring, just in time to wave his ex off as she jetted off to party at the Oscars this Sunday (no, we don’t know how she got an invitation either).

A source tells The Sun, “Yet again she has jetted off around the world and discarded him like a used tissue. He understands that he needs to take the ring off to move on, which he has done now. He’s in pieces about it.”

Poor Alex, come to my house for pizza night tonight?

Alex Reid & Katie Price : On A Break?

Alex Reid has apparently told his Mrs, Katie Price, that they need to spend some time apart after he is getting tired of her demanding ways.

One source told Closer magazine: “Alex has put up with a lot from Jordan, but things have got so bad that he has finally snapped. He told her he can’t take the stress of her mood swings and the pressure for her to get pregnant, and needs some time apart. He thinks the only way the marriage can survive is if he stays with family or friends for two nights a week to give them both breathing space.”

Yikes, I bet Katie isn’t used to having someone stand up to her like that, especially as another insider added: “Jordan is a bit despairing about the whole situation – but as usual she’s putting on a front and pretending that she doesn’t care. She was a bit stunned that Alex has finally stuck up for himself. But he said it was either time apart or something more drastic, so she has accepted it for now.”

Alex is supposedly furious that Katie put the brakes on the plans for him to go into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and he has asked for two nights a week off to go to his parents place or to stay with a mate.

But what do YOU think readers? Is it like the whole Carrie & Mr Big situation from Sex & The City 2?

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

Katie Price & Alex Reid Ditch Their Micro Pig

They say a pet isn’t just for Christmas (or your wedding present) but it seems Katie Price and Alex Reid have completely ignored that advice after giving their beloved micro pig, Bingles, the boot.

The couple claim that Bingles had started to become aggressive when they were eating, as Alex Reid so eloquently put it; “I loved that pig, but I’m afraid he has gone, we had to give him back, as he got aggressive when people were eating food and that wasn’t good. We didn’t want to take any risks with the kids.”

41016, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday May 27, 2010. Katie Price and Alex Reid are spotted arriving hand in hand to the Alicia Keys Black Ball fundraiser in London. The Black Ball will benefit Key's charitable organization Keep A Child Alive, which provides care and support to orphans and those affected by AIDS in Africa and India. Photograph:

The hardman then went on to say; “I now warn people that as cute as a micro pig is, don’t assume life with them will be all good! But I don’t know if we just had a dodgy one with Bingles.”

A ‘dodgy one?’ its not a Hi-Fi system Alex, it’s alive, it had feelings! There is still no news as to where poor Bingles has ended up, if you know, Please tell us!

Katie Price Offends Anyone Bigger Than A Size 12. Moron.

Katie Price has managed to insult every overweight woman on the planet once again by confessing that she’s like “an ugly fat woman” in the sack because she really tries to please.

Bleating on during her promotional tour for her latest release, Katie shared what we didn’t really need to know; “I’m worse than an animal. I’m an extremist in bed.” Before explaining more about her style between the sheets: “If you act up to their ideas then you’re fine.

“You can say I’m like an ugly fat woman, cos they’re the ones they say really try. I’m like one of them, I make an effort. I’m not just a lay on your back, open your legs, look at the time. I actually work it.”

Well Katie, if you reckon ‘skinny, pretty girls’ can keep a man by just laying there like a piece of old plywood then you REALLY need to be whipping out your Karma Sutra.

Katie Price Sleeps With A Pig. No, It’s Not Alex

Just when I thought Katie Price couldn’t make me feel any more nauseous she has gone and surpassed herself after admitting she lets her new pet pig sleep beside the bed she shares with new hubby Alex Reid, 34.

The singer has already given up pork after being given the miniature pig as a wedding present after saying: “Me and Alex ordered a Caesar salad the other day and it had bacon on and we were like, ‘Oh my God I can’t eat Bingles’.

Obviously it’s true that pigs are actually really clean animals, but letting a farmyard creature share your bedroom is just a little bit weird in my eyes.

What do YOU make of it?


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