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The Brit Awards : Were You Expecting Rihanna To Be Raunchier?

Rihanna’s stint at the Brits was alright wasn’t it? She got stuck in a massive fly screen for a bit, swanned about in a red dress, then obviously got fed up of being so ladylike and instead set the stage on fire and walked around in her underwear for a bit. Brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Rihanna is alright, but she’d been bleating on about how this performance was going to be her raunchiest ever, and aside from walking around dressed like she’d got lost on her way to the local brothel, I don’t really get what was raunchy about it.

I mean, she pulled some funny faces (which I think were supposed to be sexy) and did that crouching dance for a while, but other than that, nope, I still don’t think she has the same sex appeal as Katy Perry.

Poor thing, at least she tried though eh? that’s the main thing. And her boobs nearly came out of that pair of curtains she wore to collect her award.


Liam Gallagher Tweets @ Peter Kay

Liam Gallagher did act like a total knobhead at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night – I mean, throwing your award into the crowd and not even bothering to thank your brother for helping you win an award? Get a grip mate.

So after he’d finished larking about on stage, Peter Kay called him a knob head – much to the joy of the national press and much of the general public – however, Liam probably didn’t hear Peter at the time, hence why he only responded via Twitter.

Anyway, quite ironically, the Manchester lout just Tweeted a message to Mr Kay saying; “Listen up fat fuck, as a real northerner I was brought up 2 say shit 2 people’s faces not behind their back. Live forever LG.”

The Brit Awards - Show

Obviously LG stands for Liam Gallagher, and not the phone – although we don’t know, maybe he’s endorsing their latest product now that his music career looks to be down the swanny? What’s more, mouthing off on Twitter isn’t exactly saying it to ‘their faces’ now is it Liam? And also, we’re not sure what planet you’re living on, but calling you a “knobhead” to hundreds of TV cameras isn’t actually saying it behind your back now is it?

Either way, rumour has it in this office that Liam’s all mouth, and that when someone leapt onto stage and attacked Noel once upon a time, Liam stood back until security arrived and then, only when he knew he was safe did he get involved.


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Is It Just Me Or Do N-Dubz Need To Get Over Themselves?

After writing a news story this morning about how ‘furious’ N-Dubz were after only receiving one nomination at next month’s Brit awards bash (read it here) I have to say, I would like to inform the band that they need to GET OVER IT.

Okay, so they make good songs (and Dappy has brought those daft hats back into fashion) but seriously, so what if you’ve only got one nomination? You should be proud that the Brit bigwigs give a big enough sh*t about you to even put you forward… especially as none of your hits have been as big as your over-inflated egos.

What’s worse for the band -but quite funny for us – is that they’re not even nominated for their own song, but for their collaboration with Tinchy Stryder! Haha, brilliant.

Big-headed Tulisa says, “It was a bit of a cheap cop-out really because it’s a ‘featuring’ song – it’s not actually our song. Sometimes I think (organisers) defeat the object of the Brits – the British awards. They’ve got a lot of American acts coming through, and acts like us who’ve worked ten years and finally done something for the urban part of the music industry, they just ignore us, and you have all the Lady GaGas on stage.”

Err, number one Tulisa, it’s not a ‘cop out’ – it’s just they reckon there are other bands out there better than you. And secondly; “you have all the Lady GaGas on stage”? Err, hello, there’s only ONE Lady GaGa, but about a million pop/rap groups wearing knock off bling.

So deal with it, aiiight?

Ruth. x

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Brit Awards Nominations 2010 – Ruth’s Picks

The BRIT awards are by far my favourite awards show of the year, so last night I was SO excited when the nominations for this year’s gongs were announced! With Lady GaGa, Lily Allen and Pixie Lott leading the way it looks set to be about the girls this year.  As always I’ve already picked who I want to win, have a look below and see if you agree.

British Male Solo Artist

Calvin Harris
Dizzee Rascal
Paolo Nutini
Robbie Williams

robbie williams

And I give the award to…. Robbie Williams – he’s made an awesome comeback this year thanks to Bodies and You Know Me. He totally get’s my vote.

British Female Solo Artist

Bat for Lashes
Florence & the Machine
Leona Lewis
Lily Allen
Pixie Lott

Lily Allen

And I give the award to…. Lily Allen – whilst I’d like to think Lily will win, it looks pretty likely that Florence & the Machine will bag the gong. But as F&TM’s voice gets on my nerves a bit, I’m going to be backing my girl Lily.

British Breakthrough Act

Florence & the Machine
Friendly Fires
La Roux
Pixie Lott


And I give the award to…. JLS. Obviously. This past year has seen them kick total chart ass, even more so than Alexandra Burke, who pipped them to the post on The X Factor 2009. Good on you lads!

British Group
Friendly Fires


And I give the award to…. Muse – whilst I’d like to give it to JLS, they had the last one, so I think it’s only fair that I give someone else a chance, and that’s got to be Muse after pulling out awesome album after album.

MasterCard British Album
Dizzee Rascal – Tongue n’Cheek
Florence & the Machine – Lungs
Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
Paolo Nutini – Sunny Side Up


And I give the award to…. Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Simply because it’s the only album out of the list that I actually went out and bought… that’s saying something right?

British Single

Alesha Dixon – Breathe Slow
Alexandra Burke Ft Flo Rida – Bad Boys
Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love
Joe McElderry – The Climb
JLS – Beat Again
La Roux – In For The Kill
Lily Allen – The Fear
Pixie Lott – Mama Do
Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart
Tinchy Stryder Ft N-Dubz – Number 1

Cheryl Cole

And I give the award to…. Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love – so many options here, but Cheryl never fails to get me dancing whenever that song comes on, and it still hasn’t gotten old. Kudos to Alisha, Alexandra, Lily and La Roux though (the remix of In For The Kill that’s on that telly advert is AMAZING). But just a point, WTF is McCelery – I mean McElderry – doing in there?

BRITs Performance of Past 30 Years

Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive/How Deep is Your Love (1997)
Bros I Owe you Nothing (1989)
Coldplay Clocks (2003)
Eurythmics & Stevie Wonder Angel (1999)
Girls Aloud The Promise (2009)
Kanye West Gold Digger (2006)
Kylie Minogue Can’t Get You Out of my Head (2002)
Michael Jackson Earth Song (1996)
Paul McCartney Live & Let Die (2008)
Pet Shop Boys Go West (1994)
Robbie Williams & Tom Jones The Full Monty Medley (1998)
Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama (2005)
Spice Girls Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are (1997)
Take That Beatles Medley – I Wanna Hold Your Hand/Hard Day’s Night/ She Loves Me (1994)
The Who Who Are You (1988)

Spice Girls

And I give the award to…. Spice Girls Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are (1997) – considering that I’m only 22, and this is the earliest BRIT award performance that I remember (because of the whole union jack dress) I am going to have to give it to the girls.

International Male Solo Artist

Bruce Springsteen
Michael Bublé
Seasick Steve

Bruce Springsteen

And I give the award to…. Bruce Springsteen – No question really. I’ve grown up listening to Bruce, so if it was up to me he would win everything. Well, either him or Eminem. Just a point though, my dad WILL be gunning for Seasick Steve.

International Female Solo Artist

Lady Gaga
Norah Jones

Lady GaGa

And I give the award to…. Lady Gaga – Whilst the other girls have got the right bit of stuff (and if reports are to believed Lady GaGa might not) there’s no denying that most people talk about GaGa more than the other girls combined, so….

International Breakthrough Act
Animal Collective
Daniel Merriweather
Empire of the Sun
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Empire of the Sun

And I give the award to…. Empire of the Sun – simply because they’re the only ones to have actually ‘broken through’ recently, everyone else have had their run of success, and Empire of the Sun are still waiting patiently.

International Album
Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion
Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D.
Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream
Jay-Z The Blueprint
Lady Gaga The Fame

Lady GaGa

And I give the award to…. Lady Gaga The Fame – I listen to it at the gym and it’s helped me lose two stone (mainly because I want GaGa‘s figure) – that’s reason enough for me.

But do YOU agree? Let me know! Ruth.x

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