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Brian McFadden Can’t Wait To Get You Home So He Can Do Some Damage. Nice.

He might have (stupidly) quit Westlife about 100 years ago, but now Brian McFadden has decided he would still rather like to be a popstar, fair enough right? But the only thing holding him back unfortunately, seems to be lack of talent.

Don’t get me wrong, the general consensus in the office is that if we were mega drunk and trapped on the dance floor when this came on, we’d party like it was 1999, but as for cranking it up during a car journey. Perhaps not.

That said, this IS the third time I’ve listened to it this morning, and each time I find myself wiggling my bum along with that annoying banjo, but then I hear the line “I can’t wait to get you home so I can do some damage” and do a bit of sick in my mouth.

What do YOU think to it?


What Did YOU Think To Katie Price on Let’s Dance…

I’ve got to be honest, when I heard Katie Price was going to be taking part in Let’s Dance For Comic Relief, I thought she was going to be rubbish, but I’ve got to say, I was pretty impressed.

Obviously having a dig at her current relationship status (dressing as a man dressed up as a woman *cough* Alex Reid *cough*) Katie kicked ass to Queen hit; “I Want To Break Free.”

She did so well in fact, that she goes through to the live final alongside gorgeous funnyman Russell Kane, and Twittered;  “I can’t believe having two left feet has actually paid off…not a bad result for my dancefloor debut,”

Enrique…. Tonight I’m F*cking You

Crikey, Enrique’s gone a bit raunchy with his new music video. So raunchy in fact that we REALLY don’t recommend you watching it at work. Unless of course you work somewhere that likes you to bring dirtyness into the workplace. And no, a farm doesn’t count.

So, he’s always been a little bit rude, but never as rude as this soft porn music video he’s unveiled for the aptly named Tonight (I’m F**king You) which features near naked strippers, bare boobs and group sex scenes.

Basically there is a lot of sex and naughtiness going on and it makes us wonder why our lives can’t be this interesting… I’ve got to admit though, the kid singing in the middle is a teeny bit weird, I mean come on, who wants a kids voice ruining their flow mid-porn flick eh?

But what do YOU think readers… is Enrique a little bit too naughty this time, or is this just what the music industry has become nowadays, either way, we’ll be interested to see how the video is edited for music TV.


Review : A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You

There’s only one album I’ve been waiting for the the past few months; What Separates Me From You. The latest offering from those Ocala Gods in A Day To Remember.

I always remember my first listen to ADTR, my boyfriend at the time was really into his ‘screamy’ music, and it used to drive me up the wall whenever he’d drive us anywhere and I’d be bombarded with music I just couldn’t sing along to. So, when he made me a copy of For Those Who Have Heart, I refused to listen to it on principle.

It was only when we’d broken up and I was having one of those ‘cry all day and remember the good times’ moments, that I decided to give in and listen to the album. I thought I’d end up sobbing into the giant love heart with arms he bought me from Ikea, but instead, it energised me, and I’ve never looked back, despite foolishly going back to him once or twice.

Anyway, life story aside, the new offering from A Day To Remember is certain to entertain all levels of fans, whether you’re the one who goes to every single [insert local town here] show, one of the ones who downloads the singles you see on Kerrang! Or one of those who claim you love them, but only really know the Plot To Bomb The Panhandle: this WILL convert you.

Opening with the fierce ‘Sticks & Bricks’ I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to sing along anymore – think ‘Heartless’ from And Their Name Was Treason, and you’ll know what I mean – They do what they do best though, opening the album with screamed verses, melodic choruses, and a breakdown. It’s the formula that A Day To Remember have become masters at, and lets face it, why so many people are falling in love with Jeremy and friends.

What Separates Me From You

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Next up is the lead single, ‘All I Want’, and token melodic offering, ‘It’s Complicated’ the radio-friendly track that I’m hoping someone can convince rock-wannabe Fearne Cotton to add to her playlist, by now my stomach starts to feel all fuzzy and I swirl around in my desk chair. Shouldn’t have eaten that jelly pot.

This Is The House That Doubt Built sounds like something you’d expect from those wee lads in Twin Atlantic if they went down this so-called ‘hardcore’ route, and I find it quite confusing. Its not un-likeable, it’s different, and we know how people don’t like change. There are a lot of ‘Woah’s’, and I can see a lot of 15 year olds with blunt fringes and Facebook profile pictures of them in a pair of knickers loving this song.

Speaking of Facebook, I’m sure a lot of you have also heard ‘2nd Sucks’, after it was listed on Victory Record’s page. It’s commanding from the offset with the opening “Fight” and the only problem with this is that at 2.27min, it leaves you wanting more, but even so, I guarantee you’ll be starting a mush pit in your bedroom, even if you only have your kitten and a few stuffed animals to lay into.

My favourite song (after the initial five listens) has to be ‘All Signs Point To Lauderdale’. The lyrics, “I hate this town//it’s all washed up//and all my friends don’t give a fuck//they’ll tell me that it’s just bad luck//when will I find where I fit in?” just make me want to pull on a pair of legwarmers and pretend I was 14 again. It’s very pop-punk, save some backup gang vocals; “At least I can say I stand for something,” followed by its little poppy breakdown makes it certain to be a crowd pleaser on their live shows, and offers a little respite from the inevitable pits that this record will bring to a venue near you.

“You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic” has to be my favourite song title on this record and it picks back up with the typicality of an A Day to Remember song, with their winning formula back in play – (in case you forget: screamed verses + melodic vocals + breakdown) and it’s standard ADTR offerings and is guaranteed to satisfy fans of their ‘harder’ stuff.

Closing the album is ‘If I Leave’ and provides a powerful close to what has been 10 tracks of pure deliciousness. It’s a great way to draw the album to a close and proves that whilst the boys might have made a more radio-friendly album with this bundle of joy and in doing so have taken yet another step away from the metalcore genre, they still know what makes a good record.

Of course, there are going to be people out there who accuse them of selling out, because lets face it, if you listen to And Their Name Was Treason, and then whack this on, you’re going to notice a drastic change, but whilst you call it ‘selling out’, I call it progress.

Look Everyone, It’s The Gaslight Anthem’s New Video

The Gaslight Anthem are excited to announce the release of the new music video for ‘American Slang.’

Directed by Kevin Custer, director of the band’s seven-part “Making of American Slang” series that documented the process of recording the new album, the video for the title track features live performances from the group as well as striking black-and-white images of New York City, one of the band’s many muses for their critically-acclaimed new album. The video for ‘American Slang’ is the first to emerge from the band’s new full-length.

American Slang was released globally the week of June 14 on SideOneDummy Records. Produced by Ted Hutt (who produced the band’s acclaimed second album, THE ’59 SOUND), American Slang heralds a dramatic leap forward for the New Jersey-based band. Tracks such as ‘Bring It On,’ ‘Orphans’ and ‘Stay Lucky’ bristle and burn with the spirit of soul and the artistic adventurousness and confidence of a band that has come into its own and truly found its own voice.

What do you make of it? We LOVE it.

Single Review : B.o.B – Nothin’ On You

Released May 31

I’m going to be honest here, when I saw the cover of this single, I thought I would hate this track… B.o.B looks like the latest Jason Derulo / Kanye West / Usher wannabe, and I was certain I’d heard it all before. I was wrong.

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him a quick spin in the office CD player, and now I can’t stop listening to it?! My mum would be SO proud that I’ve finally gotten to grips with the old adage, ‘never judge a book by it’s cover.’

Unsurprisingly, this summertime track is currently sitting pretty on the top of the US iTunes charts and I can see it doing incredibly well on the club and radio circuit by the time it’s released over here in the UK on May 31.

Every time I listen to it, the song dredges up happy memories from the past month and I can guarantee, once you stick this song in your CD player, you’ll not be able to stop yourself from smiling and tapping your foot in time to the beat. Go on, I challenge you to defy me!