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Things I Have Learnt From Twitter Today….

Whenever I go on Twitter these days, it’s usually on my Blackberry when I’m stuck in traffic, or my mum is droning on about something I can’t be arsed listening to; oh the joys of living back at home. But today, during a rather quiet day in the office – Now I have a ‘proper’ job, I can’t just spend hours social networking – I decided to have a browse of the ‘Trending Topics.’

I’ve never been one to bother with Trending Topics, as they’re usually just some rubbish like #OMGIfIWereAnAnimalIWouldBe or something equally as moronic. “LOL.” But after exhausting my Timeline and STILL having 1 hour 29 minutes before home time, I thought I’d have a little nosy… and here’s what I have learnt. I’m actually quite impressed.

  • Percy Pig now has a brand of ice cream. Those delicious pink pig faces have been frozen, mixed with all sorts of other calorific ingredients and sold in Marks & Spencer.
  • Pete Doherty has gone to jail for possession of cocaine. Naughty
  • Gail Porter has been sectioned under the mental health act after cutting her chest and arms in her bathroom.
  • Waterstones bookstore chain has been sold for £53m. Great huh? But not when you take into account that that’s the selling price of one Fernando Torres. The world is MENTAL.
  • The Queen has made it to Cork without being assassinated by terrorists.
  • Skater Girl Avril Lavigne has released a video for her single ‘Smile’. Everyone seems to be going on about it… as I’m in the office, I don’t think blasting out some pop punk would go down very well, so I’ll have to find out the big news on that one when I go home, or I get to my sisters, who has one of these iPhones where you can ACTUALLY watch videos. I know, how amazing is that?

Finally, something is happening on the Worldwide TT with some bloke called Joaquín Sabina. All the gossip is in a foreign language though, and Google isn’t giving me anything… can anyone help? I’ll never sleep tonight otherwise.



Li-Lo; Back To Jail We Go

I’m surprised Lindsay Lohan hasn’t started buying Ikea furniture for her jail cell with the ammount of time she spends banged up, especially since it looks like she’s going back again…

The 24 year old (who’s still on probation for some other crime) has been told by a judge that he will send her to prison over this £2,500 necklace, that she has been accused of robbing.

Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz told her that, “I treat everybody the same. I don’t care that you’re Lindsay Lohan vs. John Doe or Jane Doe. That doesn’t affect me. If you plead in front of me, if this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to go to jail. Period.”

Yikes, that sounds scary! Lindsay now has until March 10 to decide how plead in front of Judge Schwartz or she can take her chances and go before another judge for a preliminary hearing before a later trial.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Jail. Serves Her Right.

Lindsay Lohan has finally been made an example of by a US judge after she was sentenced to 90 days in jail after she violated her probation for a 2007 drink-driving charge.

The actress (and many other celebrities) always assume their famous status will keep them out of jail and go swanning about breaking the terms of their bail conditions left, right and centre, but now it looks as though the law has had enough.

It's for you!

A sobbing Lindsay was sent down after it came to light that despite being ordered to attend regular alcohol education classes in 2007, she didn’t bother because “work commitments” were her main priority.
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The star pleaded; “I have tried to do the best I can, I mean it with all my heart.” But it was too little too late for Lindsay, who will enter the slammer on 20 July. Let that be a lesson to you celebrities.