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Lily Allen Vs. Kanye West – Over The Price Of Abortion

It seems that Lily Allen and Kayne West have a habit of p*ssing off loads of people in the music business, but now – amazingly – they’re angry at each other.

Okay, so we kind of understand why Lily is a bit miffed, Kanye did Tweet; “an abortion can cost a ballin’ n***a up to 50gs maybe 100. Gold diggin’ bitches be getting pregnant on purpose.” After all.

Is it just me, or does Kanye's head look too big for his body?

Yes that’s right folks, Kanye is moaning about the cost of an abortion on Twitter – and whilst a shed load of people responded, it was Lily who caught our eye; “Never has a tweet put me such a bad mood. This is wrong on so many levels”.

We all know what it’s like when Lily gets angry, so Kanye just better hope he’s not in the same room as her for a good while… and perhaps whilst he’s hiding out, he could visit his local Sexual Health clinic, perhaps he’s unaware of those amazing things called condoms?


Kanye West Joins The Mile High Club

Kanye West has reportedly cheered up a little bit after he treated passengers on a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to New York to an impromptu concert over the in-flight loudspeaker.

According to reports, Kanye got into the cockpit of the plane and serenaded passengers 30 minutes into the flight, giving edited versions of his tracks, omitting profane language.

A passenger on the flight revealed: “He couldn’t decide if he wanted to do The Good Life or Gold Digger, so he was like, ‘I’ll just do a little bit of both.’ It was awesome – but I still have no idea how he got into the cockpit.”
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What shocked them most though, was that Kanye didn’t demand preferential treatment upon leaving the plane. Wow, could he have turned over a new leaf?

Kanye West Needs A Reality Check. Or Lobotomy. Either Is Good…

Kanye West REALLY needs to get real. He just leaves me with my mouth open and a blank look on my face every time I hear something about him…

This time though, the loon has gone waaaay too far by having another go at sweet and innocent, guitar playing, Taylor Swift. Apparently, Kanye reckons his appalling behaviour towards Taylor at the 2009 MTV VMA’s made her a into a bigger star.


So, despite being good enough to win an award for the Best Female Video, Kanye reckons she still wasn’t quite famous enough, until he ambled onto the stage like an utter buffoon and ranted that Beyonce Knowles should have won.

Whilst the delusional rapper has admitted his behaviour was a little off (you think?),  he now claims it helped make the country singer even more famous: “I feel completely empathetic and sympathise with that moment of her feeling bad, that spawned her to have one million magazine covers and be the most popular artist in the world, but in that moment of her feeling bad, I do feel bad about being the cause of that.”

Oh Kanye. Do shut up.

Kanye West Is Single. Unsurprising Considering He Acts Like A Caveman

To be honest, I’m surprised Amber Rose stuck with Kanye West for so long because he seems like a little bit of a nightmare, but for now it looks as though she’s kicked him to the kerb.

Remember This Debacle?

Whilst Amber is desperately trying to be seen as a ‘quirky’ model it seems that she needs some space from her gobby ex whilst he works on his next album in Hawaii because apparently he “can’t handle” a relationship when he’s in creative mode.

Thankfully Amber showed Kanye that he isn’t God personified, and went and smooched Kim Kardashian’s ex Reggie Bush over the weekend – and why not?

Does anyone else wish Kanye West would just go and open a saloon bar and keep quiet from now on?

Single Review : B.o.B – Nothin’ On You

Released May 31

I’m going to be honest here, when I saw the cover of this single, I thought I would hate this track… B.o.B looks like the latest Jason Derulo / Kanye West / Usher wannabe, and I was certain I’d heard it all before. I was wrong.

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him a quick spin in the office CD player, and now I can’t stop listening to it?! My mum would be SO proud that I’ve finally gotten to grips with the old adage, ‘never judge a book by it’s cover.’

Unsurprisingly, this summertime track is currently sitting pretty on the top of the US iTunes charts and I can see it doing incredibly well on the club and radio circuit by the time it’s released over here in the UK on May 31.

Every time I listen to it, the song dredges up happy memories from the past month and I can guarantee, once you stick this song in your CD player, you’ll not be able to stop yourself from smiling and tapping your foot in time to the beat. Go on, I challenge you to defy me!

Kanye West Needs His Internet Access Revoking

Kanye mate, what the hell are you on? Now we know you’re ego is probably bigger than Canada, but do you really need to share it with the entire world? Sureley after the TaylorGate scandal you would have learnt to keep your mouth shut?

Apparently not.

On his blog Kanye has spouted his latest bout of self-fulfilling drivel – in capital letters as though that makes it all the more important- in which he rambles on about how fantastic he is, and how rubbish other rappers are…

Kanye starts by saying, “It’s funny how so many rappers get worse as their careers stretch out, but true poets get better. We will follow in the footsteps of Maya Angelou, Gil Scott-Heron and Nina Simone. They documented what was happening in culture. That is our responsibility as the modern-day artists and poets…you can always look at our works and find truth and sincerity in a world of processed information.”

Err, hello? Do you not realise you’re making yourself sound like an utter pretentious monster? But oh no, it get’s worse… “Let us soak in positive forces and look down upon those who masquerade as truth tellers.” Is it just me, or do you think Kanye should keep these little ‘thoughts’ to himself from now on?


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Kanye West Dies To Promote New Book?

Kanye West Dead? Only On Twitter!

Kanye West really isn’t in anyone’s good books at the moment is he? Well, let’s face it, noone would blame you after he wandered up on stage at the MTV VMA’s and unceremoniously snatched poor Taylor Swift’s award from her arms!

So, it seems that his actions have come back to bite him on the bum now that he’s dead, well on twitter at least. Personally I think his career died at the moment he made a complete ar*e of himself, but then again, he does have a new book to promote.

Yes, a book… and Kanye West the top trending topic on Twitter…. Does anyone else here smell a rat? I now being dead has paid dividends for Michal Jackson’s music career, and might have given those Boyzone boys a bit of extra credibility, but Kanye? I don’t think we care.

What do you think kids? Read my full analysis here…

Ruth xx