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Katie Price : Publicity Seeking Missile

Just when you thought Katie Price couldn’t BE any more desperate for a headline, she decided to post a photo of her snogging her new fella on Twitter. That’s right, did you hear that Alex Reid & Peter Andre.

Proving that she’s oh-so-serious about her new man-toy Leandro Penna, KP decided to get one of her mates to take a photo of them snogging each other’s face off in a snap that looks like a rejected cover for the Brokeback Mountain special edition.

Other nauseating snaps included Jordan and Leo recreating the famous Dirty Dancing lift in the sunset & them riding about on horses, as well as a Twitter “Thank You” to Elton John and David Furnish for throwing the bash where the pair met: “We are so compatible we can’t thank Elton John and David Furnish enough.”



FFS Lauren Goodger. Put Some Pants On.

Lets face it, Lauren Goodger needs to take a long hard look at herself and make some changes…. she keeps running back to that loverat Mark Wright (even though it’s clear he doesn’t really love her) and now she’s been prancing around with no trousers on.

The Only Way Is Essex ‘star’ had a night out down the West End yesterday with her mate Layla Manoocheri who goes out with Simon Webbe – and it was this mate who (brilliantly) snapped Lauren after she randomly whipped her trousers off in the middle of the club.

Now I don’t know if Lauren was really hot or if she just wondered why on earth people weren’t giving her any attention, but we’ve got to say, she hasn’t half shed some pounds since the Christmas Special, those legs are cracking!

Anyway, she’s bought herself another five minutes of fame now, lets hope a nice guy comes along and picks her (and her trousers) up in his arms and carries her away.


Does Kelis Look ‘High Fashion’ Or ‘Highly Stupid’?

Not only can Kelis hold a tune, but she can also dress up like a bit of a bloke for some photos…. love it or hate it?

Kelly Brook Gets Her Kit Off, Makes Me Buy Celery

Kelly Brook has just made me feel about the size of a double decker bus after seeing her completely starkers on the cover of Love magazine.

We all know that she’s got a face, body and hair to die for, and no matter how much our man loved us, he’s do an Ashley Cole / Peter Crouch / John Terry on us if Kelly fluttered her eyelashes in his general direction, so this picture is NOT what we need when we’re feeling particularly bloated.

Either way, I knew most of you would appreciate looking at Kelly’s ass as she promotes her new film about a load of Piranhas that like to eat people as they swim in the sea.

The film might sound rubbish, but at least it’s got Kelly in a swimsuit eh?


Jedward = Phwoar. That Is All.

I know a lot of you might think there’s nothing remotely sexy about the two Irish leprechauns commonly known as Jedward, but after finding these pictures nestled on the boys Twitter page… I think I can change your mind.

Hello There Boys...

The little twins seem to have ditched their shirts with ties, giant cans of hairspray and neon high-tops in favour of being topless and – dare I say it – rather foxy…

Megan Fox Gets Them Out For The Lads….

Friday just got better for the men of Britain; not only do they have the match to look forward ot this evening, but Megan Fox has whipped her clothes off once more as part of Armani’s A/W underwear campaign.

So, men (and women) of the UK, get this photo downloaded to your phone, set it as your wallpaper and then get yourself down to your local for a night of drinking pints and yelling at a TV screen with your mates. Awesome yes?

These latest pictures come just days after Ronaldo stripped for his boxers as part of the same campaign.


Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Naked. There Is A God.

Lady GaGa Fuels Hermaphrodite Rumours With Strap-On Photos

Lady GaGa’s latest publicity stunt has backfired as she walked out of a recent magazine photoshoot after bosses at the publication refused to let her don a strap-on in a desperate bid to address rumours she is a hermaphrodite.

Internet footage of the Poker Face hitmaker onstage last year sparked fresh debate as to whether or not she had both female and male reproductive organs and whilst the singer dismissed the rumours as “ridiculous,” she decided she wanted to comment on the story by setting up a shocking pose for the new issue of Britain’s Q magazine.

She told the publication, “What I would like to do is make beautiful photography out of the most humorous rumour of my life, thus far, that I have a penis. I want to wear a d**k strapped to my vagina. We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a d**k, so why not give them what they want?

“I also carry myself onstage in a masculine way and sing in a low register. This is not of nowhere, right? I want to comment on that in a beautiful, artistic way. How I wanna show it. It would be a real, f**king story, right? Come on, come see me try to persuade everyone to let me wear a penis.”

But editors weren’t impressed with her demands, and following a series of tense negotiations, the star burst into tears and walked out before bosses at Q eventually rearranged the shoot and the final pictures, which feature Gaga posing topless in just a pair of leather trousers, appear in the magazine’s latest issue.

Gaga admitted she often struggles with pictorial spreads, telling the magazine, “We always laugh when we get to major magazines and (they say) ‘We want to see the real you.’ And I’m sitting there thinking, ‘These f**king people don’t get it at all.’ You don’t really want to get to know me at all, or photograph my soul, you want to do some version of what you already think I am. When the truth is my and my big f**king d**k are all out there for you. But I’m not angry, I’m laughing. The joke is not on me, it’s on you.”

To be honest GaGa, I’m not really sure what strapping a penis onto your lady garden would do to dispel those rumours…?