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Is Rihanna Dating Ryan Phillippe?!

To think we were getting all excited over Rihanna ‘sexting’ love monster Colin Farrell when right under our noses she was going out with the uber-gorgeous Ryan Phillippe!

According to gossips in the US, the pair have been secretly dating since December, with Us Weekly claiming that Rihanna actually ‘spent the night’ with Ryan Phillippe after hanging out at a Gucci/Roc Nation brunch earlier this month.

As if it couldn’t get any more confusing, this is the same Ryan Phillippe who has only just split up from Amanda Seyfriend, but it didn’t stop the source blabbing to Heatworld; “She thinks he’s hot. They totally had sex. And it wasn’t even the first time.” Blimey!

Is it just me or are you feeling a little jeals? I bet Justin Bieber is fuming…


Ha HA! Justin Bieber Tries (& Fails) To Pull Rihanna

OMFG, I love this story so much; 16 year-old Justin Bieber (who also has a girlfriend in the form of Selena Gomez) found himself sat next to Rihanna at the NBA all-star basketball game and properly tried it on with her. Brilliant.

First off, Rihanna is like FAR too old for him, and secondly, when she has Colin Farrell texting her all manner of sauciness, what on earth is she going to see in a floppy-haired little boy?

Good on him for trying though, he seems like one of those arrogant little kids who think because they’re popular, they can charm their way into any womans pants – but obviously once he get’s there, he’d have a little panic and have to get his mother to bring him an inhaler.

Justin, Justin, Justin…. Just go back to school and get off my radar.


The Brit Awards : Were You Expecting Rihanna To Be Raunchier?

Rihanna’s stint at the Brits was alright wasn’t it? She got stuck in a massive fly screen for a bit, swanned about in a red dress, then obviously got fed up of being so ladylike and instead set the stage on fire and walked around in her underwear for a bit. Brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Rihanna is alright, but she’d been bleating on about how this performance was going to be her raunchiest ever, and aside from walking around dressed like she’d got lost on her way to the local brothel, I don’t really get what was raunchy about it.

I mean, she pulled some funny faces (which I think were supposed to be sexy) and did that crouching dance for a while, but other than that, nope, I still don’t think she has the same sex appeal as Katy Perry.

Poor thing, at least she tried though eh? that’s the main thing. And her boobs nearly came out of that pair of curtains she wore to collect her award.

Sorry Rihanna, But Katy Perry Does Latex Better…

Oh. My. Word. This is a bit much isn’t it? I remember when music videos were about boy chasing girl, girl falling in love with boy… that kind of thing, and now it’s as though Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Katy Perry are just trying to out-rude each other.

Lady GaGa got her muffin out for the cameras this morning, and now Rihanna has unveiled this rubbery delight of a video in response, but I just wonder, have these ladies gone too far with their videos now?

Rhi is seen swanning about in Latex (already done by Katy Perry love) and messing about with whips, bondage stuff and eating fruit in a sexually suggestive manner, and after a quick poll in the office, we’ve decided, we’re not fans.

Was There Too Much Sleaze On The (Se)X Factor?

The X Factor is facing a massive backlash from viewers after thousands of viewers have complained over Christina Aguilera & Rihanna’s ‘disgusting’ dance routines being shown before the watershed.

The telly-watching busybodies have been phoning up TV regulator Ofcom in utter outrage after deciding that the U.S. pop princesses have broken Ofcom’s broadcasting code which seeks to protect children from sexualised content.

First Christina; she performed her new single ‘Burlesque’ from the movie of the same name, and lets be honest, with the title Burlesque, it was pretty clear we weren’t in for The Sound Of Music here… there were women prancing around in next to nothing, simulated sexual moves and ‘porn imagery’ according to reports.

Then we have Rihanna, who, during her performance of ‘What’s My Name’, stripped off her dress and cavorted around the stage in oversized bra and pants whilst performing a series of suggestive dance moves. But let’s just hope the people complaining don’t buy their children and Lady GaGa CD’s – the lady who pretty much made bras, pants and sexualisation fashionable again.

Obviously we then had the Harry Styles debacle where he was seen telling winner Matt Cardle something along the lines of; “Think of all the pu*sy you’ll get” … but what do YOU think, is it all just too much for telly? Or should we just chill out and get to grips with the adage that ‘sex sells’? At the very least, it’s gotten Harry, Xtina & Rihnna some extra publicity.


Oh Great, More Rihanna Abuse Pictures Surface

Remember that morning when you work up in February 2009 and the whole world was going mental because Chris Brown had punched Rihanna in the face? Well the good old media have decided to drag it all up again. Brilliant.

We all know the story… the couple were heading home from the Grammy’s, Chris gets a text from a girl, Rihanna gets jealous, they have a fight in the car and she ends up in hospital. No doubt, you’ve seen the hospital picture of a badly bruised Rihanna too? Well in my opinion, Chris has paid the price for the incident, Rihana has gotten over it and moved on, and now, almost two years later, the story is back again now that four new snaps of Rihanna are alleged to have surfaced.

According to reports, the pictures are being offered up to the highest bidder and claim to have been offered the snaps – which are supposedly much more gruesome than the one that was leaked originally – but they have declined to buy or publish them.

Rihanna and her boyfriend Matt Kemp arrived together at LAX in Los Angeles, CA on October 9, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc say; “The photos were taken in a Los Angeles emergency room where Rihanna was being treated after she was assaulted. (She is) pictured with large welts above each of her eyebrows, marks on both of her cheeks and a split lip. The most graphic photo is a close-up, her left eye bloodied and bruised, with four lesions on her face and multiple cuts on her bottom lip.

“A ruler is being held up which shows the reddish swelling to span two inches – from the bottom of her eye almost all the way down to her mouth. In another image, Rihanna is shown pulling her busted lips apart to show numerous lacerations on the inside of her mouth. There appears to be at least five major cuts on the inside of her lips.”

Awful isn’t it? That these horrific pictures are being sold… these people are making money off Rihanna’s pain and Chris Brown’s mistake. We’re not condoning what he’s done, but we think he’s paid for what he’s done, there’s no point bringing up the past. But before you ask, if these pictures do really exist, we won’t be publishing them either.

If you are a victim, or worried about someone who may be a victim of domestic violence or abuse, then you can call the Women’s Aid Helpine on 0808 2000 247.

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Check Out Rihanna’s RUBBISH Rude Boy Video

Is it just me, or does Rihanna seem to be trying her best to turn into Lady GaGa at the moment? First she starts singing about stuff which make no sense at all (have you HEARD the Rude Boy lyrics?) and going for the ‘got dressed in the dark’ look.

So she might be one of the most popular ladies in R&B music, but as you all know, I am NOT  a fan of her latest release, but I do concede, the video is a bit of fun to watch.


Looking rather like a 1980’s Jamaican chav who’s been styled by Salt ‘n Peppa she’s traipsing around in what looks like her version of Sin City whilst singing the wildly annoying Rude Boy lyrics.

Not a fan of the psychedelic look, quite frankly that kind of cheapo porn star video went out years ago, and that bit on the Zebra… seriously WTF?