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Peter Andre Is A Dirty Little Rotter In Bed

Don’t worry mum, I haven’t been off indulging in the naughties with one Mr Peter Andre this week… he’s actually just been telling the world how he’s a bit of a ‘wrong ‘un’ when it comes to his bedroom antics.

In a frank new interview, Peter has described himself as a “dirty little rotter” in the bedroom, and plans to have as much sex as he can this year following his split from Elen Rivas.

If you do have a bit of a thing for the Andre though, you’re in luck, because he says he wants to start living dangerously…. So just wait in a back alley outside on of his gigs in just a trench coat and your undies and you could be in luck… that’s just my idea though, Pete hasn’t actually said he wants to be jumped by a woman in her pants…

What he DID say however, was; “I’m pure filth. But I’m not a sleaze. I’m a massively passionate person. A dirty little rotter in the bedroom, and a gentleman, too. The whole package, I hope! I’m a bad boy really. Not many people see that side of me. I’m a gentleman, but I’m fiery, too. I’m a hot-blooded male! I’m a sexual man, definitely.”

He added: “I’m a single man. This year is about having fun and lots of it. I’m not ready for a relationship and settling down and doing the love thing. When I do fall in love, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for that person. I’d lay down on a carpet of nails for the person I love. But for now, it’s time to live dangerously and have fun, you know what I mean?”

Yes Pete, I think we do….


Was There Too Much Sleaze On The (Se)X Factor?

The X Factor is facing a massive backlash from viewers after thousands of viewers have complained over Christina Aguilera & Rihanna’s ‘disgusting’ dance routines being shown before the watershed.

The telly-watching busybodies have been phoning up TV regulator Ofcom in utter outrage after deciding that the U.S. pop princesses have broken Ofcom’s broadcasting code which seeks to protect children from sexualised content.

First Christina; she performed her new single ‘Burlesque’ from the movie of the same name, and lets be honest, with the title Burlesque, it was pretty clear we weren’t in for The Sound Of Music here… there were women prancing around in next to nothing, simulated sexual moves and ‘porn imagery’ according to reports.

Then we have Rihanna, who, during her performance of ‘What’s My Name’, stripped off her dress and cavorted around the stage in oversized bra and pants whilst performing a series of suggestive dance moves. But let’s just hope the people complaining don’t buy their children and Lady GaGa CD’s – the lady who pretty much made bras, pants and sexualisation fashionable again.

Obviously we then had the Harry Styles debacle where he was seen telling winner Matt Cardle something along the lines of; “Think of all the pu*sy you’ll get” … but what do YOU think, is it all just too much for telly? Or should we just chill out and get to grips with the adage that ‘sex sells’? At the very least, it’s gotten Harry, Xtina & Rihnna some extra publicity.


Katie Price Offends Anyone Bigger Than A Size 12. Moron.

Katie Price has managed to insult every overweight woman on the planet once again by confessing that she’s like “an ugly fat woman” in the sack because she really tries to please.

Bleating on during her promotional tour for her latest release, Katie shared what we didn’t really need to know; “I’m worse than an animal. I’m an extremist in bed.” Before explaining more about her style between the sheets: “If you act up to their ideas then you’re fine.

“You can say I’m like an ugly fat woman, cos they’re the ones they say really try. I’m like one of them, I make an effort. I’m not just a lay on your back, open your legs, look at the time. I actually work it.”

Well Katie, if you reckon ‘skinny, pretty girls’ can keep a man by just laying there like a piece of old plywood then you REALLY need to be whipping out your Karma Sutra.

Mickey Rourke Beds 14 In one Night… Is That Even Possible?

Personally I don’t really fancy Mickey Rourke, but it seems that I’m probably in a minority after he’s admitted that he once had sex with 14 women in one night! Crikey, that must have been one hell of a sleepover…

Whilst I know that it’s pretty much impossible for any guy I’ve ever met to have sex more than three times in one night, it’s seems old Rourkey is quite the stallion when he’s over here partying in the UK, well until he met his missus, Anastassija Makarenko.

Nevertheless, he’s been kind enough to share some of his nuggets of lust with the nation, telling Lizzie Cundy; “Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs get an easy time – they should try living with Hollywood hellraisers. I once spent a weekend in the UK and had 14 women in one night.”

Crikey, I think I’d better find some new celebrity crushes… I don’t want Giovanni Ribisi breaking my little British heart now do I?

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Lady GaGa: “I’m NOT Having Sex”

Lady GaGa might look like a raunchy little sex kitten, but she has urged girls to follow her lead and stay celibate rather than sleep around.

Whilst the ridiculous outfits and suggestive music videos might not make Lady GaGa seem all saintly and virginal, it looks as though it’s all just a front on the part of the 23-year old, as she wants to highlight how important it is to get to know partners before jumping into bed with them.

She said; “I’m single, I’m in a different city every day, I have no chance of holding down a relationship,” says Lady GaGa. “It’s OK to be celibate, I am! I’m Lady Gaga and I’m not having sex!”

Lady GaGa performs live in concert at Glasgows SECC as part of her Monster Ball Tour

Well that got me choking on my morning tea and toast, I mean, Lady GaGa, the queen of suggestive… not having sex? Cor Blimey. Well if it’s good enough for her, I don’t have to worry about my ‘dry spell’ eh?

Okay, so she wasn’t just saying this because it was on her mind, she was promoting MAC Viva Glam lipstick, which helps Aids charities, and obviously wanted to say something which would please them, but then again, safe sex can protect you from AIDs, so I guess she didn’t do too badly.

So, what do YOU make of the GaGa one’s latest claim?