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Peter Andre Is A Dirty Little Rotter In Bed

Don’t worry mum, I haven’t been off indulging in the naughties with one Mr Peter Andre this week… he’s actually just been telling the world how he’s a bit of a ‘wrong ‘un’ when it comes to his bedroom antics.

In a frank new interview, Peter has described himself as a “dirty little rotter” in the bedroom, and plans to have as much sex as he can this year following his split from Elen Rivas.

If you do have a bit of a thing for the Andre though, you’re in luck, because he says he wants to start living dangerously…. So just wait in a back alley outside on of his gigs in just a trench coat and your undies and you could be in luck… that’s just my idea though, Pete hasn’t actually said he wants to be jumped by a woman in her pants…

What he DID say however, was; “I’m pure filth. But I’m not a sleaze. I’m a massively passionate person. A dirty little rotter in the bedroom, and a gentleman, too. The whole package, I hope! I’m a bad boy really. Not many people see that side of me. I’m a gentleman, but I’m fiery, too. I’m a hot-blooded male! I’m a sexual man, definitely.”

He added: “I’m a single man. This year is about having fun and lots of it. I’m not ready for a relationship and settling down and doing the love thing. When I do fall in love, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for that person. I’d lay down on a carpet of nails for the person I love. But for now, it’s time to live dangerously and have fun, you know what I mean?”

Yes Pete, I think we do….


Brian McFadden Can’t Wait To Get You Home So He Can Do Some Damage. Nice.

He might have (stupidly) quit Westlife about 100 years ago, but now Brian McFadden has decided he would still rather like to be a popstar, fair enough right? But the only thing holding him back unfortunately, seems to be lack of talent.

Don’t get me wrong, the general consensus in the office is that if we were mega drunk and trapped on the dance floor when this came on, we’d party like it was 1999, but as for cranking it up during a car journey. Perhaps not.

That said, this IS the third time I’ve listened to it this morning, and each time I find myself wiggling my bum along with that annoying banjo, but then I hear the line “I can’t wait to get you home so I can do some damage” and do a bit of sick in my mouth.

What do YOU think to it?

Hot Guy Alert : Yellow Wire

I got back into the office this morning after spending a whole week in France skiing around various mountains and eating snails and frogs and was dreading the endless trudge through the 750+ emails waiting for me.

Luckily though, as I made it onto my second cup of coffee (about mid-morning) I stumbled upon an email full of pictures of the delicious Yellow Wire.

His name is Ol Beach, and if you’re a avid reader of my work here at FF, you probably know that I’ve talked about him before, but at long blinking last, Ol and his mates have gotten around to releasing Last Breath.

Not only that folks, but the lovelies have been playlisted on BBC Radio 2 as well, so you have absolutely no excuse not to give them a whirl. If not, we have a few pictures to convince you…

Ol looking like Jared Leto.

Ol looking a bit like Simon Neil
Ol looking like Justin Bobby from The Hills

Corey Taylor Unleashes ‘X-M@$’ Single

The inimitable COREY TAYLOR, frontman of not one, but two multi-million-selling bands in STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT, and sometime solo artist, is to release his first solo single, titled ‘X-M@$’ through Roadrunner Records on 12th December.

So what’s the story with one of the rock genre’s most revered frontmen and a Christmas single?   Corey explains as follows: “I wrote this song in my kitchen one winter, listening to people bitch about the holidays.  Personally, I love the holidays, but they seem to bring on severe stress in most people.  So, I wrote this in honour of crotchety, drunken bastards who don’t know the difference between a yuletide and a toolshed.  Plus, I think it’s funny.  I bet the UK will too.  They’re some of my favourite people in the world.”

Last month, when a gap arose during the recent Stone Sour UK tour, Corey hot-footed it over to Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, West London, and tracked the tune in a single afternoon.  The lyrics showcase Corey’s sense of humour and irreverence in full force, dispensing a fat dose of jocular stick-poking at those who loathe the holiday season.  However, Taylor’s joviality doesn’t stop with the song words, as he even drops a sneaky ‘Hi Simon!!’ in the single’s fade-out, as a nod to Mr Cowell and his Xmas-hijacking X-Factor squad.

You’ll be able to pick up the digital single from all leading digital retailers, including i-Tunes, and   Corey has decided to donate proceeds from the Christmas sales to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Meanwhile, Corey’s been steering the good ship STONE SOUR around Europe, following a 10-date sold-out UK run that took in Glasgow’s SECC arena, Birmingham’s NIA and culminated in two nights at London’s famous Hammersmith Apollo.  Whilst in town, Roadrunner Records presented the band with gold discs for last album, ‘Come What(ever) May’, whilst new album, ‘Audio Secrecy’, which debuted on the UK album chart at No.6 on its release in September, continues to motor off the shelves.  The video for current single, ‘Digital (Did You Tell)’ can be seen on all decent music TV channels now.

Chuffing Hell… Kim Kardashian Is Releasing A Single.

Kim Kardashian, the lady who we don’t really know why on earth she is famous, is trying to make a ‘proper’ career for herself (other than just going to parties and stuff) and has recorded a single.

Kim has obviously spent way too much time hanging about with Justin Bieber and has decided to team up with platinum-selling rapper The-Dream to create an album.

We obviously can’t wait to listen to this bundle of joy – not just for jokes either – but to keep us going until then, we’ve found a copy of her first single, ‘Shake’ has been leaked onto the net. Standard.

Go have a listen to it right now before the YouTube police come along and take it down!

Look What Happened When I Met Olly Murs

Having heard his album for the first time yesterday, I had a really great chat with Olly Murs (complete with visual brainstorm) whilst he was turning the Christmas lights on in the Trafford Centre.

Chatting about everything from The X Factor to Celebrity Juice, I think I fell in love with him over the course of the interview… have a peep at the interview below and I’m pretty sure you will too.


OMFG. It’s Only Take That’s New Single. I Just Did A Bit Of A Scream

OMFG. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Take That back as a fivesome and all singing together on one song… It premiered on Radio One this morning and we LOVE IT.

I kind of recognise the melody of the verses from somewhere and I can’t put my finger on it yet, and I cant work out what all the lyrics are either, but I don’t care, I’ve had it on three times already. I might even have to go for a coffee break just to get my head screwed back on.

But forget what I think (I’m only a music journalist after all) the most important question is, what do YOU make of it?