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The Brit Awards : Arcade Fire… What?!

I’m a music journalist yes, and is it bad of me to say I’ve never really listened to Arcade Fire up until they were thrust on my telly last night? Im pretty glad about it too…

They might have won a shed load of awards, but I still don’t really ‘get it’. I mean, I don’t want to sound politically incorrect, but they didn’t seem ‘all there’ really did they?

Perhaps they’re just not used to standing on stage in front of thousands of people. Oh, they do that already? Okay, well maybe they’re not used to standing on stage in front of thousands of people AND getting awards. Either way, they annoyed me a bit, especially when one of the birds kept spinning around and shouting at Win Butler like she was off her head.

Their performance was okay, but still not enough to make me think they actually deserved the awards they won. But what do I know eh?


The Brit Awards : What’s With All The Riot Police?

Okay, so what on earth was going on with Plan B and Take That’s performances… for some reason, they both decided to adopt riot police within their sets… which says two things to me;

1) They probably should have consulted with each other before both offering pretty much the same performance.

2) Is that how we – the British people – are best represented? By riot police carrying shields / truncheons and beating people up?

Take That were obviously opening the show and looked great with all their police milling about for ‘dramatic effect’. Not quite sure why they all had to take their clothes off at the end though.

Obviously when Plan B came out and did the same thing, I’m imagining a lot of people were thinking the same as me; “Haven’t I just seen this before?” it was okay though, because Plan B pulled out all the stops to make his set better… by smearing having an outfit change, singing more than one song, smearing a bit of blood on his hands and setting a man on fire who when ran down the middle of the arena.

Now, was it just me or did anyone else wonder (for a second) if he was actually ‘on fire, on fire’ or if he was part of the act? Conveniently though there were two fire extinguishers on had, much to the disappointment of the audience.

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

The Brit Awards : How Amazing Was Adele?

I cry pretty much all the way through the Brit awards every year. I’m an emotional person okay? But Adele, well, she left me going through more Kleenex than when I don’t see my boyfriend for a fortnight (that’s him and the tissues, not me.)

It was stunning to see Adele just stood there with only a piano, simply belting out Someone Like You and leaving the audience in a stunned silence. It was simply magical.

I know she gets a bad rap for not being a waif like many of her music industry rivals, but she looked stunning in her glam black dress, and proved that you don’t need a million riot police and shields to prove why you’re worthy of being on the Brit stage.

Kudos to Adele. The highlight of the night.

The Brit Awards : What Did YOU Think To James Corden’s Presenting?

Justin Bieber Looking Silly

James Corden was given the gift of hosting the Brit Awards last night, and whilst I’ve long since been a fan of the funnyman, I was really, really disappointed in his offerings yesterday night.

First off, was he not allowed to actually go on the stage or something? Because every shot he did seemed to be amongst the crowd surrounded by two men with headphones and clipboards.

And secondly, he just wasn’t that funny… perhaps it was his improvisation of jokes after Justin Bieber started shouting for some bloke called “Mike” to get up on stage, but each time he went over to a celebrity table, they seemed to have a look of horror in their eyes.

Not only that, but he referred to Mumford and Sons’ performance as “brave”, erm, not really, considering they just plugged a load of fairy lights in, chucked them on the floor and stood in a circle playing banjos. Still sounded alright though. Not as good as Adele. Obviously.

That bit where he lumbered over to Justin Bieber and started yapping on the the dopey teen was BRILLIANT though… JB clearly didn’t have a clue what was going on and had this bizarre dazed look in his eyes before he started rubbing Corden’s face. Excellent.

Let’s face it, he’s no Russell Brand… in fact, Jim Jefferies would have been better… but what did you think to his presenting skills?