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Things I Have Learnt From Twitter Today….

Whenever I go on Twitter these days, it’s usually on my Blackberry when I’m stuck in traffic, or my mum is droning on about something I can’t be arsed listening to; oh the joys of living back at home. But today, during a rather quiet day in the office – Now I have a ‘proper’ job, I can’t just spend hours social networking – I decided to have a browse of the ‘Trending Topics.’

I’ve never been one to bother with Trending Topics, as they’re usually just some rubbish like #OMGIfIWereAnAnimalIWouldBe or something equally as moronic. “LOL.” But after exhausting my Timeline and STILL having 1 hour 29 minutes before home time, I thought I’d have a little nosy… and here’s what I have learnt. I’m actually quite impressed.

  • Percy Pig now has a brand of ice cream. Those delicious pink pig faces have been frozen, mixed with all sorts of other calorific ingredients and sold in Marks & Spencer.
  • Pete Doherty has gone to jail for possession of cocaine. Naughty
  • Gail Porter has been sectioned under the mental health act after cutting her chest and arms in her bathroom.
  • Waterstones bookstore chain has been sold for £53m. Great huh? But not when you take into account that that’s the selling price of one Fernando Torres. The world is MENTAL.
  • The Queen has made it to Cork without being assassinated by terrorists.
  • Skater Girl Avril Lavigne has released a video for her single ‘Smile’. Everyone seems to be going on about it… as I’m in the office, I don’t think blasting out some pop punk would go down very well, so I’ll have to find out the big news on that one when I go home, or I get to my sisters, who has one of these iPhones where you can ACTUALLY watch videos. I know, how amazing is that?

Finally, something is happening on the Worldwide TT with some bloke called Joaquín Sabina. All the gossip is in a foreign language though, and Google isn’t giving me anything… can anyone help? I’ll never sleep tonight otherwise.



Katie Price : Publicity Seeking Missile

Just when you thought Katie Price couldn’t BE any more desperate for a headline, she decided to post a photo of her snogging her new fella on Twitter. That’s right, did you hear that Alex Reid & Peter Andre.

Proving that she’s oh-so-serious about her new man-toy Leandro Penna, KP decided to get one of her mates to take a photo of them snogging each other’s face off in a snap that looks like a rejected cover for the Brokeback Mountain special edition.

Other nauseating snaps included Jordan and Leo recreating the famous Dirty Dancing lift in the sunset & them riding about on horses, as well as a Twitter “Thank You” to Elton John and David Furnish for throwing the bash where the pair met: “We are so compatible we can’t thank Elton John and David Furnish enough.”


Lily Allen Vs. Kanye West – Over The Price Of Abortion

It seems that Lily Allen and Kayne West have a habit of p*ssing off loads of people in the music business, but now – amazingly – they’re angry at each other.

Okay, so we kind of understand why Lily is a bit miffed, Kanye did Tweet; “an abortion can cost a ballin’ n***a up to 50gs maybe 100. Gold diggin’ bitches be getting pregnant on purpose.” After all.

Is it just me, or does Kanye's head look too big for his body?

Yes that’s right folks, Kanye is moaning about the cost of an abortion on Twitter – and whilst a shed load of people responded, it was Lily who caught our eye; “Never has a tweet put me such a bad mood. This is wrong on so many levels”.

We all know what it’s like when Lily gets angry, so Kanye just better hope he’s not in the same room as her for a good while… and perhaps whilst he’s hiding out, he could visit his local Sexual Health clinic, perhaps he’s unaware of those amazing things called condoms?

FFS. Lady GaGa’s Got Her Ass Out….

Lady GaGa Tweeted a picture of her bare bum on New Year’s Day. Big Wow. If it was someone refined like Gwyneth Paltrow or the Queen, we might be bothered, but Lady GaGa, well, it’s pretty much standard practice.

Anyway, everyone in Twitterland went a bit mental because she was going on about her new album, Born This Way, so when they saw this racy shot, everyone assumed it was the cover art for the new album…. A kind of 2011 take on the Bruce Springsteen cover of his ass back in the day.

Rumour has it though, that this isn’t actually the artwork (personally I wouldn’t like this staring sat me every time I walked in HMV) but I am still rather giddy to see what she will come up with in a bid to outsell The Fame.

But GaG’s…. enough ass already. Why not get some class and stop being so dramatic all the time?

Ruth x

So THIS Is What Katy Perry Looks Like With No Make Up…

There’s nothing like seeing one of the most beautiful women in the world without any make up on to make us feel 100% better about not being able to get back into our skinny jeans after Christmas.

So maybe we did eat five too many mince pies, but at least we’re only human, just like Katy Perry, who has been snapped in an altogether non-flattering picture.

Mr Perry (Russell Brand) snapped a picture of his wifey first thing in the morning and posted it on his Twitter page, before taking it down moments later…. Not fast enough for us though, as we managed to get our paws on the snap before it disappeared.

He might be in big trouble, but lets face it, she doesn’t look ‘that’ bad….


Oh Chuffing Hell, Chanelle Hayes’ Kicked Off On Twitter, Again

Big Brother reject-cum ‘glamour model,’ Chanelle Hayes has gone off her trolley once again and had a rant at Jack tweed via Twitter once again!

Despite most grown ups opting to keep their private lives, well, private, Chanelle has been desperately vying for some column inches by having a pop at Jade Goody’s ex on Twitter after he declared himself as single.

The tweets with dates on them are alleged text messages that Jack sent her.

chanellejhayes: Jack : “I’m single” ok, here’s what I think to that……..

chanellejhayes: All u need to no is I love u and I want u to move down here with me (17th oct)

chanellejhayes: I aint sleeping with anyone babe I love u (20th oct)

chanellejhayes: I want to be with u more then anything in the world so I will change for u I promise. (26th oct)

chanellejhayes: I need u in my life just give me one more chance. I wana be a dad and make blakely my son. I love you x (26th oct)

chanellejhayes: I can’t wait to marry u I love u so much x (28th oct)

chanellejhayes: Draw a tatto on urself of j.t tonight x (30th oct)

chanellejhayes: don’t cheat tonight (30th oct)

chanellejhayes: I never shagged her and never will every1 important to me nos were together (9th nov)

chanellejhayes: I never left with anyone last night I got a cab home with my mate and his gf. Happy birthday I wish I could be there x (11th nov)

chanellejhayes: @jacktweed_real you are the biggest liar and nastiest piece of work I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. U wanna tell lies about me?

chanellejhayes: @jacktweed_real … Then at least make sure I can’t prove they’re lies. Dumb AND crap in bed… Gutted.

chanellejhayes: I’d rather be passionate and wear my heart on my sleeve than downright lie my skinny stingy arse off. Sucks to be @jacktweed_real

To which Jack simply replied; JackTweed_Real: Definitely staying single!


Michael Buble Takes The Piss Out Of Justin Bieber. I Love Him.

Michael Buble is one brave man taking on teenybopper sensation Justin Bieber and risking the wrath of the Bieber Twitter massive.

Justin Bieber fans have already sent death threats to Kim Kardashian and Jasmine Villegas just for being within a few feet of the star, so imagine what will happen to someone who takes the mickey out of him… it’s like having the Mob after you!

Its seems that Bubz is quite the dress up fan though, because not only has he spoofed Bieber, but he seems to be mimicking George Michael, Clint Eastwood and Steel Panther and various other characters.

What do you think of Michael’s new song and video? Love it? Or are you a furious Bieberite?