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Avenged Sevenfold Tour Diary. M Shadows Looks Hot.

Just look at M Shadows… look at him. Wow, he’s a dreamboat. Anyway… he’s recorded these lovely tour diaries just for you, so have a listen to him sharing A7X’s favourite Rev stories, thoughts on tattoos & golf as well as drunken Johnny Stories from the Road.


Taking Back Sunday : The Original Line-Up. In The Studio. SCREAM!

Remember when you were about 14 and you’d sneak into your local ‘rock club’ on a Friday night after drinking some Lambrini with your mates? There was nothing that could get you squealing, grabbing everyone’s hand and legging it to the dance floor like; “Your lipstick, his collar, don’t bother Angel, I know exactly what goes on.”

Well, thank the lord because Taking Back Sunday are back in the studio and recreating their magic once again to give us legal-drinking-age folk something to dance to.

Here is a delicious video of the babes in the studio, in their original line up no less, and we think we’re already a little bit in love….


Video : A Day To Remember On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Babes. That is all.

A Day To Remember + All I Want Video = Babes.

A Day To Remember All I Want Video

As a band, you know you’ve ‘made it’ when you’re invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, you probably do anyway. Luckily for A Day To Remember, they’re finally getting the media recognition they deserve thanks to the release of their fourth album What Separates Me From You.

Yesterday the band unveiled the video for their latest single, ‘All I Want’, and we’ve got to say, we’ve already watched it three times and are still seeing even more awesome musicians in cameo roles each time around.

Obviously it’s New Year and money is a bit tight, so what do you do when the kitty runs dry? Well, you call up all your BFF’s of course, and get them to lip sync along to your lyrics. Genius.

Luckily for the guys in ADTR, those friends just happened to be rock royalty, and includes Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall, Trivium’s Matt Heafy, As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis, Bring Me The Horizon, Andrew WK, Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals, Pete Wentz, Sam Carter of Architects, The Devil Wears Prada, This Is Hell and more, in fact, it’s basically bromance central.


Enrique…. Tonight I’m F*cking You

Crikey, Enrique’s gone a bit raunchy with his new music video. So raunchy in fact that we REALLY don’t recommend you watching it at work. Unless of course you work somewhere that likes you to bring dirtyness into the workplace. And no, a farm doesn’t count.

So, he’s always been a little bit rude, but never as rude as this soft porn music video he’s unveiled for the aptly named Tonight (I’m F**king You) which features near naked strippers, bare boobs and group sex scenes.

Basically there is a lot of sex and naughtiness going on and it makes us wonder why our lives can’t be this interesting… I’ve got to admit though, the kid singing in the middle is a teeny bit weird, I mean come on, who wants a kids voice ruining their flow mid-porn flick eh?

But what do YOU think readers… is Enrique a little bit too naughty this time, or is this just what the music industry has become nowadays, either way, we’ll be interested to see how the video is edited for music TV.


I Heart Atlas&i

Usually on my lunch break I sit around drinking tea and watching Hollyoaks on 4OD. But today I decided to have a bit of a Facebook stalking session, and stumbled across this, the new Atlas&i video.

I am actually in love with this band. I’d go as far as to say they could be the finest bunch of lads I’ve been listening to this year, but then I’d be doing the dirty on those boys in Young Guns and as I have their album and I don’t have one from Atlas&i, Gustav and co still retains first place.

HOWEVER, if you haven’t listened to the guys in Atlas&i yet, I suggest you stick your bloody earhones in RIGHT NOW and get amongst it, it’s simply dreamy.


What Happened When I Met The Blackout….