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Young Guns’ New Video Is Delicious

Young Guns Stiches 

Let’s face it, anything with Gustav Wood in it is going to go down well in an office full of females any day of the week… but Gustav showing off thos buff-ting arms and pointing those little eyes out of your screens… oh my.

We are of course talking about the video to Young Guns new single (and the best track on their album), Stitches.

Shot in glorious black and white (which always makes people look better) the boys  battle the four elements, a piano in flames, as well as a hawk named Fern in what is undoubtedly their most delicious video yet.

Don’t just take my word for it though, get yourself a cuppa and have a watch below. We think we’re in love…


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27: MANCHESTER Academy


01: DUBLIN Olympia
03: NOTTINGHAM Rock City
04: BIRMINGHAM Academy
05: NEWPORT Centre
06: LIVERPOOL University
07: LEEDS Academy
09: GLASGOW Barrowlands
10: NEWCASTLE Academy
12: LONDON Brixton Academy
13: LONDON Brixton Academy


The Brit Awards : How Amazing Was Adele?

I cry pretty much all the way through the Brit awards every year. I’m an emotional person okay? But Adele, well, she left me going through more Kleenex than when I don’t see my boyfriend for a fortnight (that’s him and the tissues, not me.)

It was stunning to see Adele just stood there with only a piano, simply belting out Someone Like You and leaving the audience in a stunned silence. It was simply magical.

I know she gets a bad rap for not being a waif like many of her music industry rivals, but she looked stunning in her glam black dress, and proved that you don’t need a million riot police and shields to prove why you’re worthy of being on the Brit stage.

Kudos to Adele. The highlight of the night.

Sorry Rihanna, But Katy Perry Does Latex Better…

Oh. My. Word. This is a bit much isn’t it? I remember when music videos were about boy chasing girl, girl falling in love with boy… that kind of thing, and now it’s as though Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Katy Perry are just trying to out-rude each other.

Lady GaGa got her muffin out for the cameras this morning, and now Rihanna has unveiled this rubbery delight of a video in response, but I just wonder, have these ladies gone too far with their videos now?

Rhi is seen swanning about in Latex (already done by Katy Perry love) and messing about with whips, bondage stuff and eating fruit in a sexually suggestive manner, and after a quick poll in the office, we’ve decided, we’re not fans.

A Day To Remember + All I Want Video = Babes.

A Day To Remember All I Want Video

As a band, you know you’ve ‘made it’ when you’re invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, you probably do anyway. Luckily for A Day To Remember, they’re finally getting the media recognition they deserve thanks to the release of their fourth album What Separates Me From You.

Yesterday the band unveiled the video for their latest single, ‘All I Want’, and we’ve got to say, we’ve already watched it three times and are still seeing even more awesome musicians in cameo roles each time around.

Obviously it’s New Year and money is a bit tight, so what do you do when the kitty runs dry? Well, you call up all your BFF’s of course, and get them to lip sync along to your lyrics. Genius.

Luckily for the guys in ADTR, those friends just happened to be rock royalty, and includes Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall, Trivium’s Matt Heafy, As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis, Bring Me The Horizon, Andrew WK, Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals, Pete Wentz, Sam Carter of Architects, The Devil Wears Prada, This Is Hell and more, in fact, it’s basically bromance central.


Michael Buble Takes The Piss Out Of Justin Bieber. I Love Him.

Michael Buble is one brave man taking on teenybopper sensation Justin Bieber and risking the wrath of the Bieber Twitter massive.

Justin Bieber fans have already sent death threats to Kim Kardashian and Jasmine Villegas just for being within a few feet of the star, so imagine what will happen to someone who takes the mickey out of him… it’s like having the Mob after you!

Its seems that Bubz is quite the dress up fan though, because not only has he spoofed Bieber, but he seems to be mimicking George Michael, Clint Eastwood and Steel Panther and various other characters.

What do you think of Michael’s new song and video? Love it? Or are you a furious Bieberite?

Can Anyone Explain To Me WTF Is Up With The New MCR Video?

My Chemical Romance have just revealed their ‘Na Na Na – Lyric Video’ and I have now watched it three times and am still just baffled.

Is this an actual serious song? Have MCR moved away from the whole “woe is me” emo music that made them so famous and started singing jokey songs for YouTube? I mean, really?

Well, yes, I have been told, this is in fact a track from their forthcoming album, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Kill Joys‘.

Hmm, I don’t think I’m quite sold yet, first Gerard dies his hair bright red and looks like some weird Hayley Williams copycat, and now this…

Look Everyone, It’s The Gaslight Anthem’s New Video

The Gaslight Anthem are excited to announce the release of the new music video for ‘American Slang.’

Directed by Kevin Custer, director of the band’s seven-part “Making of American Slang” series that documented the process of recording the new album, the video for the title track features live performances from the group as well as striking black-and-white images of New York City, one of the band’s many muses for their critically-acclaimed new album. The video for ‘American Slang’ is the first to emerge from the band’s new full-length.

American Slang was released globally the week of June 14 on SideOneDummy Records. Produced by Ted Hutt (who produced the band’s acclaimed second album, THE ’59 SOUND), American Slang heralds a dramatic leap forward for the New Jersey-based band. Tracks such as ‘Bring It On,’ ‘Orphans’ and ‘Stay Lucky’ bristle and burn with the spirit of soul and the artistic adventurousness and confidence of a band that has come into its own and truly found its own voice.

What do you make of it? We LOVE it.