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Katie Price : Pete’s In Love With Me & I Still Have Sex With Alex. Brilliant

Is Katie Price completely off her rocker? I mean, seriously, I don’t get what planet she’s actually living on there days. Planet arrogant? Planet delusional? Or Planet publicity?

Anyway, wherever she is, it hasn’t stopped her mouthing off about Peter Andre during her trip to LA (yes she’s going to the Oscars, God only knows how), and after a night on the booze she yelped; “[He’s] probably still in f***ing love.” Yes, he probably is, that must be why he divorced you Katie.

Then she started barking on about Alex, this time saying; “he still comes to the house but we’re not together. Can anyone here tell me they’ve never f***** an ex?”

Well Katie, no, we can’t tell you that, but we don’t go broadcasting our sex lives to the local tabloids do we? I mean, no offence, but it is a bit trashy.



Alex Reid Takes Off The Wedding Ring. It’s All Over.

Did anyone else secretly hope that Katie Price and Alex Reid would get back together? I mean, as orange as they were, they did make quite a sweet couple – although having to use their collective brain power might have been a bit difficult…

Anyway, Alex has now taken off his wedding ring, just in time to wave his ex off as she jetted off to party at the Oscars this Sunday (no, we don’t know how she got an invitation either).

A source tells The Sun, “Yet again she has jetted off around the world and discarded him like a used tissue. He understands that he needs to take the ring off to move on, which he has done now. He’s in pieces about it.”

Poor Alex, come to my house for pizza night tonight?

Katie Price’s Latest Nugget Of Advice : “Divorce Is Good For Kids”

Katie Price has shared another one of her golden nuggets of pointless information with us this weekend after announcing that she thinks divorce is good for kids. Well, her and Peter’s divorce at least.

Can someone PLEASE get this Kirby Grip out of my hair?

Katie decided it was time to grab some more column inches and shared her words of wisdom with us after saying; “Any child that has parents who are divorced are lucky,” said Jordan. “They get extra Christmas presents, birthday presents and extra trips. I revert back to when my mum and dad split up. I was three or four and I can’t even remember it. So really it was good.”

Extra presents, wow, that’s much better than having a stable family unit isn’t it?

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Heidi Ditches The Pratt At Last!

Heidi Montag has allegedly seperated from husband Spencer Pratt and is looking for a new place to live

Heidi Montage has FINALLY seen the light and ditched her annoying husband Spencer Pratt.

Let’s face it, anyone who has ever watched just a single episode of The Hills has thought to themselves ‘Heidi, what the HELL are you doing with that actual idiot?’ and wanted to bash their heads against a wall every time she forgave him after he flirted with a barmaid, beat up his sisters ex boyfriend, slagged off her old BFF Lauren Conrad or brought a tank of jellyfish into her apartment.

Now it seems she has, at long last, stood up to her Pratt of a husband and left their LA home with no intention of going back. A rep for Montag said: “Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls. She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.”

Whilst rumours of an impending split have been rife for months now, the firs treal sign of crack were after the Hills star Tweeted; “I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag,” last Tuesday.

So, what do you make of it guys? Do you think she’ll end up going back?

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OMG – Heidi & Spencer Have Split (I Think)

Possibly the most pretentious couple in Hollywood, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have apparently split up after just 18 months of marriage!

According to a source, the blonde starlet has moved out of the LA home they couple share after months of rows. Their relationship was rumoured to be in trouble earlier this year when Heidi announced she had ditched Spencer as her manager and hired a psychic instead, but we never actually thought they’d split.

Fans of the Hills will know just how much Heidi and Spencer have been through in the time they’ve been together, and I don’t think Spencer can expect much of the sympathy vote if it does emerge that they’re over.

Whilst neither party have made an official announcement yet, we’re purely basing this on speculation, but whilst we think Heidi would be better off without him, does anyone else love to hate their weird behaviour?


Ashley Cole; “My Life Is Ruined” – Oh Put A Sock In It.

Ashley Cole is really starting to annoy me at the moment – why on EARTH does he feel the need to tell the national press how bad his life is? HE cheated on his fantastic wife, so he deserves what he’s getting in return.

One thing I cant stand is men (or women) who cheat, and then say “it was a mistake, blah blah blah” NO, it was a mistake that you got caught wasn’t it? You didn’t feel bad until The Sun got a hold of it and exposed you as a five-time cheating machine did you?

Obviously I am ‘team Cheryl’ in all this, and I hope to God that she doesn’t take him back, no matter how much he pleads with her, and I tell you now, telling reporters you want to be left alone and then contradicting that by adding; “Everything’s gone so wrong.” Is just ridiculous,.

Not to mention that horrible clump of face fuzz he’s decided to grow whilst he’s in France… what is with that? Is it supposed to show Cheryl that he doesn’t want any other women, so he’ll happily look like Stig Of The Dump so that no one fancies him? Come on Ashley mate, get real.

Apparently, the footballer has refused to socialise with anyone and reportedly spends most of his time texting or calling estranged wife Cheryl – I wonder if she screens your calls? – we’d like to say we feel sorry for you. But we don’t, not in the slightest.

Is it just me, or does Ashley need to stop feeling sorry for himself and realise that if you cheat on your wife five times, NOONE is going to be giving you any sympathy whatsoever?


Cheryl Cole May Postpone Divorce… WTF?!?!

Cheryl Cole might have confirmed that she is separating from love-rat husband Ashley Cole, but she has no immediate plans to actually divorce him, according to new reports.

The Girls Aloud star took to Twitter yesterday to issue a statement regarding their separation, but sources claim that despite all the revelations about Ashley’s infidelity, Cheryl doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ Ashley by pulling the plug on their marriage too quickly.

Cheryl Cole Combats Drama With Song

It is believed that Cheryl might postpone the divorce “indefinitely” and used the word “separating” in her statement out of respect for Ashley, Now Cheryl girl, YOU don’t want to hurt HIM, and respecting him in your statements? He has been frolicking around with god knows how many other women and you‘re worried about hurting his feelings?

Come on girl, you once said you‘d never forgive someone who cheated on you… you‘ve done it once before with Ashley, so please, get shut of him now! Personally I think if Cheryl forgives Ashley, this will have a terrible effect on her career.

What do you think? Should she be ‘respecting’ the man who just made a complete fool out of her, or should she cut all ties as quickly as possible?